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How to Chant a Sanskrit Mantra for Abundance

Thursday, May 06, 2010

From we have this nice little tutorial by Meg Sibley on how to chant a mantra for abundance.

Chanting a Sanskrit mantra aligns your entire being with the intention of the mantra. The mantra "Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha" invokes Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of abundance and prosperity. This mantra will increase your ability to attract abundance into your life.

Things you'll need:

  • Mala beads - optional

The basic steps:

  1. Learn the pronunciation of the mantra for abundance: Om (rhymes with "Home") Shrim (rhymes with "Cream") Maha (sounds like "Mah-hah") Lakshmiyei (sounds like "Lock-shmee-yay) Namaha (sounds like "Nah-mah-ha")

  2. Learn the meaning of the mantra for abundance: Salutations to Lakshmi, the great goddess of abundance. "Om" is the seed sound of creation. "Shrim" is the seed sound for the principle of abundance. "Maha" means great. "Namaha" offers salutations.

  3. Choose a melody to use for chanting your mantra. The simplest melody is to chant all of the words on a single tone. You may also use a simple melody from another mantra, or create a melody that pleases you.

  4. When you chant the mantra for abundance, the most powerful practice is to chant 108 repetitions. This may seem like a lot at first. With practice, you will soon enjoy going deeply into the mantra. You can use a string of mala beads to count the repetitions. According to the Vedic scriptures, the number 108 represents the nadis, or energy channels, in the body. By chanting the mantra 108 times, you will activate each of the nadis and resonate your entire body with the energy of the mantra.

  5. Chant the mantra every morning (at sunrise, if possible) for 40 contiguous days. Make a commitment to your mantra practice, and notice if obstacles arise. For example, you might sleep in one day and miss your sunrise practice. If obstacles arise, this is a good sign because it means that the mantra is working. Stay committed and keep chanting the mantra.

  6. When you finish the 40-day cycle with this mantra, choose another mantra and begin a new cycle.

  7. Enjoy chanting the mantra for abundance. Namaste!


sanehat said...

This sounds interesting, I think I am going to give it a try. First I am going to have to get comfortable with the pronunciation.

sfauthor said...

Nice posting. Do you know about these Sanskrit books?

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Sanehat - I'll be curious to see how it works for you! Keep us posted!

S. Joy said...

Did it work for you or anyone? Would like to hear some positive results

Anonymous said...

Mantras never work. Its a waste of time

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