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More On Mantras

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mantras can be very helpful. If you find a mantra that you feel you can connect with, then you may benefit from repeating it over and over again. Saying mantras not only helps connect you with divinity, but it helps establish a connection with your own subconscious as well.

So what are mantras? Mantras are mystic words of power that help establish a connection with an individual and divinity. Verbal repetition of mantras helps to raise a person's vibration. Chanting a mantra will help you stay centered and focused on whatever goal(s) you're trying to pursue.

For instance, the mantra "Thiru Neela KanTam" is said to help clear out negative energy and karma. Concentrating on the throat chakra while chanting it will help clear out any bad karma that may be stuck inside of you or surrounding you. The throat chakra, after all, deals with karma and well being.

One of my own personal mantras often helps me to stay focused whenever I'm feeling down or upset. "Eratae a nu ola dominine". To make a long story short, this is my personal mantra that means (to me anyway) something like "The world is but a dream." Sometimes we all need reminders that suffering isn't infinite, but love is. Our suffering in this world will not last forever.

Another good mantra that many people are familiar with is "Shreem". Saying "Shreem" over and over again is said to help with prosperity and good fortune. I can attest to this; everytime I chant the mantra "Shreem", I see an increase in my prosperity.

Written by: M Deskins


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