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Chanting - How did we do?

Friday, June 04, 2010

The time has come to weigh in with our thoughts, insights, experiences, and ideas about "Chanting for Prosperity." I'm especially curious to know if anyone actually did 30 continuous days of chanting, and if so, which chant did you use?

Other questions include the following:

  • Did you actively participate in this project?
  • Or was it more of a hit and miss kind of thing?
  • If you did do some chanting, do you feel it brought more prosperity into your life?
  • If so, will you continue the practice?
  • Were there other benefits?
  • Was there a favorite chant?
  • Did you learn anything new?
  • Did you experience any insights or "aha" moments?
  • What was your favorite part of the project?
  • Your least favorite?
  • Would you recommend chanting to others as a way to have a better life?

Your input is deeply appreciated and valued!


Shirley Twofeathers said...

Well guys, it looks like I'm the only one sharing results... and I think my results must be pretty good because today I have HOT WATER that actually comes out of the faucet!! First time in ... I dunno ... months! I was able to buy a hot water heater AND have it installed. So, how cool is that?

Karla said...

Hi Shirley! I think there are a lot of strong, silent types this month! I was truly enchanted by the chanting! Loved the articles and found it fascinating. However, I DID NOT DO IT. Why? I think perhaps it was the OUT LOUD thing and I am always online at 5-6:30 am while my family sleeps. A couple of times I feebly attempted chanting in the car. Sigh. A party pooper. I have tucked this project away to do when I am able as I can see the connection between setting your intent and letting loose of the vibration of sound into the Universe. thank you for providing such a wealth of information!

I'm so happy that you have hot water! It works! I hope more people give some examples of the great things chanting has brought into their lives.

Sudha said...

Does..... receiving unexpected gifts of money, finding your own money in unexpected places at home, your own money coming back to you....count ?
If it does, chanting for money worked for me. :-) I picked on 2 and did it mostly while I was out walking or at the gym on the treadmill and sometimes at bedtime, and only once out loud when I was driving. (Was trying to hear the vibrations)
Really enjoyed it...because it was so easy to do.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hi Sudha - yes that counts! Awesome!! Which 2 chants did you do?

Sudha said...

Hi shirley, I did your favourite one "Ï like money, money likes me..." for a couple of days and while the Hawaiian prosperity chant was interesting, it was too difficult to pronounce and remember and so I didn't use that one. I then mainly did Om Shrim Maha Lakshmiyei Namaha ( i was rather comfortable with the pronunciation) and just Shrim (which was the one I tried out aloud)and I did try the Vajra Guru mantra too.
It was fun. Thanks again. Looking forward to the hypnosis. :-) I've always wanted to try that sometime.

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