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My Thoughts On This Project

Thursday, June 03, 2010

I thought I'd take a moment to share the insights and ideas that have come to me as I've worked on researching and uploading chants, mantras, and information for this project.

One of the most profound things for me is the idea that what we say not only can never be unsaid - it continues to reverberate, theoretically, forever. Now that gave me pause...

I also loved the concept of using mantras to enhance and augment what I already have. I like it way better than the idea that I have (am) nothing and the mantras (and other prosperity techniques) will somehow have to create a whole new flow.

And then, there's this whole thing about "the flow." When I started thinking about the flow, the vibration that I've been sending out, the idea of waves kept coming to mind. Now, I realize that this isn't exactly rocket science, and I'm sure that we've all thought of sound and vibration as waves, but it was on my mind when a friend of mine told me about a meditation she was doing in which she would visualize herself as the ocean. And I got to thinking about ocean waves and how much chaos there can be when waves going one direction meet up with waves going another direction, and I wonder how many times I have interpereted chaos in my own life as some kind of failure on my part when in actuality, it might just have been because I changed the directional flow of the words I'd been speaking.

And maybe the tempest and the storm is so much more interesting, that I completely fail to see the enormous progress that could be made if I would just ride the wave, find the flow... Could it be that I consciously seek that point of disonance, that anti-flow because it feels more immediate, more familiar? When life is flowing along too smoothly do I have a tendency to bail because I get impatient or bored? Or is it that I've lost my compass, am unsure of my path, and when progress is too swift I get frightened because I'm not convinced I'm moving in the right direction?

Interestingly, I found it exceedingly difficult to do any actual chanting on a regular basis. Particularly since it felt really powerful. So what's up with that? I can fight tooth and nail for enlightenment, prosperity, and peace... I can take one step forward and two steps back... but take the fast train? Jump on a jet plane? No way... immediately I'm all clenched up and backing off... Why can't I just let it be easy? Why do I want it to be so hard?

So there you have it... I loved this project because I have learned so much from it, and because the potential for benefit is so great. At the same time, I didn't really take advantage of that potential, nor have I really put a lot of what I've learned into practice... at least not yet anyway. Looks like I'm still determined to paddle upstream.

Anyone else have any insights? "Aha" moments?


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