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Picking The Perfect Hypnosis Download

Monday, June 21, 2010

Hypnotherapy has received a significant boost in popularity recently thanks to mainstream hypnotists such as Paul McKenna and the tremendous amount of celebrity endorsement it has received. Stars from Matt Damon to Ellen Degeneres have found great success using hypnosis to break bad habits, and all of this drums up great interest in the public. Sadly though not everyone is in the financial position to hire a professional hypnotherapist to help them achieve their goals.

With the advent of the internet has come an entirely new medium, one which has completely revolutionized the field of hypnotherapy. Those curious in using hypnosis to instigate a positive change within themselves no longer have to spend hundreds, or even thousands of dollars on a in-person visit to a hypnotherapist. Thanks to the wonders of technology you can now find a hypnosis download for almost any problem you can think of in a matter of minutes for as little as ten dollars!

What is a Hypnosis Download?

A hypnosis download is a digital recording (mp3) produced by a hypnotherapist. Due to their nature as a resell-able product a hypnotherapist can create a hypnosis download and charge considerably less for it than then would a one to one session. For example a hypnotherapist who may charge $200 an hour for a personal session might only charge $15 for a hypnosis download which takes them an hour or two to record. Because they can expect to sell hundreds of the hypnosis downloads they are actually making more money than they would from a personal session.

When you also take into consideration that you can re-listen to a hypnosis download over and over again, at your leisure it’s easy to see when this has become the most popular method of hypnotherapy available.

How Do I Choose From All These Hypnosis Downloads?

The attractiveness of digital hypnosis recordings has helped see hundreds of hypnosis download sites spring up over the internet. It of course goes without saying that some are better than others, so how do you ensure that you find the right hypnosis download for you from a reputable hypnotherapist? With so much choice it can be tricky and that is why I have created this short list to help you.

  1. Check The Hypnotherapist’s Background and Qualifications.

    Any site selling hypnosis downloads that is worth its salt will provide you will information on the hypnotherapist they use to record their sessions. You want to make sure you get at least a name, background and their qualifications as a hypnotherapist. If you can’t find this anywhere on the site then there’s a good chance that either the site doesn’t use a professional hypnotherapist or that the site is poorly put together. Whatever the reason you should probably avoid making a purchase.

  2. Find a Free Sample.

    This is a good mark of whether a site is proud of its product or not. If you can’t find a free sample of one of their hypnosis downloads, whether it be 30 seconds or 30 minutes then you really can’t trust the quality they provide.

    Samples are important for another reason. Going into a hypnotic state of mind is a lot harder if you struggle to understand the hypnotherapist’s accent. An accent is entirely subjective of course and we all have one, but while someone may enjoy hearing a British hypnotherapist someone else may not.

  3. Test the Customer Service.

    Before you buy a hypnosis download it is well worth contacting the site’s customer service with any questions you might have. Then you can judge how helpful they’ll be if you need to contact them for any reason after you’ve made your purchase.

  4. Look for the Refund Policy.

    While hypnosis downloads tend to have high success rates they don’t always work. It could be that you’re not that susceptible to hypnotherapy or the session just wasn’t right for you. So in the unlikely event that you aren’t happy with your purchase you need to know your rights when it comes to a refund. Some sites don’t offer refunds because of the digital nature of the products, but most will give you a certain period of time to contact them if you wish to receive a refund.

  5. The More Information The Better!

    Basically the more information you can find about a website and their products the more likely they are to be trustworthy and high quality. One important factor is the run time of the hypnosis download. I’ve seen sessions varying from ten minutes to two hours, you have to decide what’ll be right for you. For some people quick sessions are very effective, and they obviously don’t take up a lot of time. Others prefer to spend hours in an hypnotic state.

  6. Price is also significant in your choice.

    In my experience you don’t have to spend over twenty dollars to get a great, high quality hypnosis download. In fact you should probably be more wary of high priced hypnosis downloads as the hypnotherapist may be more concerned with making money than the treatment they offer, it can also be more difficult to get a refund on the more expensive hypnosis downloads.

I hope this guide has provided you with all the knowledge you need to pick the perfect hypnosis download for your needs.

Author Resource:-> David Anthony is a long-time proponent and user of hypnotherapy and keeps a regularly updated blog which provides hypnosis reviews - The Hypnosis Review. Article From Hypnosis Articles Directory


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