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For the Love of Money

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

This free self-hypnosis script is for those people who are in judgment about money or people who have money. If you are judgment about money, you're subconscious isn't likely to help you out when it comes to attracting more money to you.

Many people have difficulty attracting money to themselves because of their judgmental thoughts and beliefs about money. Ever hear yourself making a comment that rich people are just out for themselves? Or perhaps you've had a thought that rich people are stingy. If you are in judgment of people who have money, your subconscious mind isn't likely to go to work for you creating the opportunities for you to attract money to yourself. Why? Because you have a belief in your mind that there’s something wrong with people who have money. And if you were to attract money to yourself, then you’d be one of those people.

There are other common judgmental beliefs about money. There is the thought that money is the root of all evil, or how about this one--It’s more difficult for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven than it is for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle. If you believe these thoughts, again, your subconscious mind isn't going to cooperate in helping you become well off financially.

Money, in and of itself, isn't evil. Money is perfectly neutral. Money can be a wonderful tool to help yourself and others. Besides judgmental thoughts about money, there are also poverty consciousness thoughts. How often have you told yourself “I don’t have enough money” or “I can’t afford it.” The more you repeat those thoughts, the more your subconscious mind will go about the task of seeing that those statements come true. So, this script is designed to help you change your thoughts and belief systems about money. Money can truly be a wonderful blessing for all when it is used in positive ways.

Now, before you get started, write down those thoughts and beliefs you know you have that are judgmental regarding money or people who have money. Also, write down any poverty consciousness thoughts you like to repeat to yourself.

  1. Begin by repeating the affirmation, “Money is a wonderful blessing,” several times as you visualize all the good things that money does for society. For example, money builds hospitals, schools, and feeds the poor. Then repeat the affirmation, “I absolutely love having money,” as you visualize all the things money does for you. Money puts clothes on your back and pays for the roof over your head. Money feeds you and pays for all those things you love to buy. Money also takes you on vacations. So, visualize money being responsible for all these things and feel gratitude for all the things money does for you.

  2. The Shredder. Time to let go of any thoughts you might be holding onto that are contributing to any lack of financial abundance you may be experiencing. Visualize a special room for yourself that has a shredder in it. Now, imagine one of your judgments or poverty consciousness thoughts written out in large print on a piece of paper. Let’s say it’s the “I don’t have enough money” poverty consciousness thought. Look at the thought written on the piece of paper and say to it, “thank you for having served me. I now release you.” And then put the piece of paper through the shredder and imagine that thought is gone forever. You can shred up to about three thoughts or beliefs per session.

    Since it’s likely you've held these thoughts for years, it may take a few weeks of “shredding” these thoughts for them to begin to fade away from your consciousness. Letting go of these thoughts should be a lighthearted endeavor. If you are angry at these thoughts, then they’re likely to persist. So, if you are angry, you need to release that anger. One way is to speak your truth about those thoughts before you shred them and feel your anger as fully as you can. After you've done that for a few sessions, you should be calmed down enough to go through the regular shredding visualization where you thank the thought for having served you.

  3. Memorize and repeat these sentences with a confident and joyous energy. “I love having money. Money is a wonderful blessing that I deserve. I love spending money for myself and others. My love of money acts as a powerful magnet that draws more and more money to me. I am a magnet of financial abundance. Limitless financial abundance flows to me in limitless ways.” Repeat these sentences two to three times, really “feeling” the truth of these statements.

    Tailor the sentences in a way that suits you the best. You may even come up with sentences that are the exact opposite of those sentences that you shredded. For instance, if you have shredded the “I don’t have enough money” poverty consciousness thought, you might counter it with an abundance thought such as, “I am all the money I ever need.”

  4. Repeat the following sentences twice. “Any time I have thoughts contrary to my abundant nature, I recognize them immediately. I smile gently to myself and, in my mind, I shred those thoughts right then and there.” Also, remember to take those thoughts into your next several sessions and shred them again and again.

Have some fun with this self-hypnosis script. This should be a lighthearted endeavor rather than a serious one. Do this session until you begin to notice a much more confident energy within yourself where money and abundance are concerned.



Shirley Twofeathers said...

What I liked about this article is the shredder idea - I don't know why, but it really resonated with me. I think I must have some "stuff" that needs shredding!!

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