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  • We all - “We all not only could know everything. We do. We just tell ourselves we don't to make it all bearable.” ~Neil Gaiman

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Is it true?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here's a great list of Universal Beliefs - they seem true... but are they really? There's enough stuff here for me to do "the work" on for the next 10 years - what about you? How many of these ideas do you use to beat yourself up with? I see several of my own favorite whips and chains...   So, how about it guys - let's pick something and get to work right now today!

  • I need to know what to do.
  • I don’t know what to do.
  • I know what is best for others.
  • I know what is best for myself.
  • Something terrible is going to happen.
  • It’s possible to make a mistake.
  • People should not lie.
  • People should respect me.
  • I can control how others feel about me.
  • I feel your energy.
  • I need more money.
  • Life isn’t fair.
  • Parents should love their children.
  • Children should love their parents.
  • I need to make a decision.
  • I can’t do anything right.
  • I can disappoint people.
  • I don’t want to look foolish.
  • There’s too much to do.
  • There’s not enough time.
  • I know what you need.
  • I am worthless.
  • It’s my job to make you happy.
  • I need a partner to be happy.
  • It’s my fault.
  • I should be different.
  • I missed my chance.
  • I need to be careful in life.
  • People should listen to me.
  • I’m not good enough.
  • I am a failure.
  •  _______ doesn’t care about me.
  • I need to understand.
  • I need to do it right.
  • I did it wrong.
  • There’s something wrong with me.
  • S/he rejected me.
  • S/he doesn’t trust me.
  • There shouldn’t be war in this world.
  • Women shouldn't be so emotional.
  • People shouldn’t use animals (medical research, food, etc.).
  • The world isn’t a safe place.
  • People are destroying the environment.
  • People are judging me.
  • I know what they’re thinking.
  • They should agree with me.
  • I have to work hard.
  • People should keep their promises.
  • Other people can hurt me.
  • Money will make me happy.
  • I’m too fat (thin).
  • I need to be in control.
  • My body should be healthy.
  • People are not trustworthy.
  • _______ betrayed me.
  • There is a purpose to my life.
  • I need to know my life’s purpose.
  • Life is difficult.
  • People should be grateful.
  • My boss should appreciate me.
  • I don’t belong.
  • People shouldn’t be angry.
  • _______ did it wrong.
  • I am right.
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