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Friday, July 10, 2009

This week we've been reading short segments of an article about creating self worth through self awareness. Here is the last of it.

Important Points

  • We are not yet emotionally grounded, because our subconscious is deciding for us, based on our beliefs that we created from childhood experiences. A great deal of our unhappiness comes from a 'brain set' that we created in our early childhood.
  • We realize from our 'Observer Self' and meditation that we feel heavy inside. I created a metaphor that worked for me: My cages are within and I am not free. I learned that emotional freedom and inner peace is a process that does not happen by itself. We evolve into freedom, as we gradually set free all past influences that we interpreted as ours that really were distorted or belonged to someone else.
  • My inner work required a willingness to go into my shadow. Going there means to become self-aware, to face the pain, the insight and growth it has to offer. It literally creates a wonderful space inside where before there was guilt, shame, anxiety and self-effacement.
  • It takes no more time and money to "go there" than it does to pay emotionally and financially for the addictions we develop to food, TV, exercise, shopping, alcohol, relationships and diets.
  • Learn the wisdom of your heart. Your heart constantly sends messages to your brain. Are you listening or do you listen only to ego?
  • You can begin to literally feel 'space' opening inside. I began to feel lighter and develop clarity.
  • You gain confidence as you discover more about yourself. As I had less drama, I was more willing to trust my own voice and take on a practice that fit me. I began to find my spirit.... the Source energy, which brings feelings of love with it, feelings that leave me in joy or peace. I judge less and appreciate more.

Unfortunately, the author's name was lost in the transition.
Sorry about that!


Karla said...

You know what hit home about this part of the article was the "I had less drama". It's so true! Just over the past couple years of learning about Spirit, my drama and crisis level has decreased in HUGE ways. Interesting. I wonder why? Hey, that's probably it! When a crisis hits I WONDER WHY, rather than spaz out automatically! Fascinating!

Oh, the quote of the day seemed to fit the project, too!

There is an applause superior to that of the multitudes: one's own.
- Elizabeth Elton Smith

So happy Friday to all and I will be listening for the sound of all of you applauding yourself today! Oh, and I heard rumors that today is a GREAT day for miracles, as well!

Karla said...

My husband will tell you that I still get spazzy now and then. I think that's ok, though because it wakes him up!

Cindy H said...

The less drama thing made me take note, too, Karla. I also seem to have less drama in the past year or so since learning to be more aware and "being present".

I agree that sometimes when rough waters hit, our knee-jerk reaction is to spaz out, but when we are able to realize that and not react that way, things always seem to turn out better.

I love the quote about the applause, that's great! And perfect!

So I applaud myself for trying to be present in each and every moment in my life instead of going on auto pilot and spazzing out!

shirley said...

Well you guys must be way ahead of me because just today I was heard to say, "I'm so fffing tired of all the drama around here! Especially my own!!"

And Karla, I love that quote... it is perfect for this project!

This was the one that got me: Your heart constantly sends messages to your brain. Are you listening...?

Apparently not - and at work today I was thinking about how no one listens to me when it occured to me that other people treat you how you treat yourself - and guess what? I don't listen to me either. So...

It's been an interesting day...

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