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You Are Valuable

Sunday, July 12, 2009

From Cindy, we have Doreen Virtue's July issue of the Angel Therapy Newsletter. Thanks Cindy!

by Doreen Virtue

Valuing yourself is a beautifully important life-lesson for all of us, according to the angels. It means valuing your own opinion and feelings, and valuing the money that you’ve earned, the time in your schedule, and knowing that you deserve to receive love and good. It means spending time and money on yourself so that YOUR needs are met. It means saying “No” and sticking to that word in response to others’ requests that aren’t in alignment with your highest good.

Valuing yourself means treating yourself with golden love . . . guilt-free!

Until we learn the self-value lesson, we keep attracting situations where we fall victim to other people’s will. It seems that others take from us and take advantage of us. . . and it all springs from your relationship with your own self. If you value yourself, so will others. (And if they don’t value you, you’ll easily take action to honor and protect yourself).

The angels say: “When you devalue yourself, you are missing the point of life which is to reconnect with blissful divine love." You have been looking for this feeling outside of yourself, which is impossible to find until you realize that what you’re seeking is YOURSELF. Fall in love with yourself . . . not in an egotistical I’m-better-than-you sort of way, which only leads to misery and loneliness. We’re talking about the type of self-love that is a continual celebration of life’s diversity, including the seeming challenges.

“Everything that seems mysterious to you right now WILL be revealed, we promise. The important point for right now in your lifespan is to own the gifts that you have, value them, and do not give them away lightly. When you do share your gifts with others, respect the gift that you are sharing as much as if it were a shining gift from heaven upon a celestial blessed serving tray . . . for that is what it is. Never again diminish yourself, your feelings, your thoughts, or your gifts . . . for they are sacred and presented to you and through you as your eternal connection to God’s loving heart.”

Valuing yourself includes valuing your time and your priorities. With the passing of several celebrities this week, we are reminded of earthly life’s brevity. This means that it’s important to Carpe Diem: Seize the Day.

Whether that means relaxing upon a hammock and watching the stars or clouds; reading (or writing!) a great book; hanging out with good friends; or finishing your studies . . . today's the day! Enjoy every moment!

So . . . what do you want to put upon the Front Burner of your life? What do you want to enjoy, accomplish, or experience without delay?

Let's call upon Archangel Metatron together for his amazing assistance with motivation and time-warping:

"Archangel Metatron, we call upon you now. Thank you for motivating me to live the life of higher self's visions and purpose. Thank you for motivating me to step-up to my potential. Thank you for helping me to stay true to myself and my purpose. Thank you for bending time so that my intentions are manifest now, with all of the ideas, support, and opportunities that I need for the fruition of my life's purpose, my joy, my radiating light and love, and the appreciation of life. And so it is."

Love, Doreen


Cindy H said...

Gotta love those angels!!

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