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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sorry guys, I've been unavailable for the last several days, and simply couldn't find hours in the day to stay current with the posts here on the prosperity project. A good friend of mine has been in and out of the hospital, and I've had a series of other events which left me pretty much worn to a frazzle.

The good news is that I really am taking better care of me! And I do think it's because of this project! I uploaded a number of posts this evening. I figured I'd do a sort of "grand finale." You might want to root around and see if there's anything interesting or useful.

Right now, though, it looks like the time has come to take stock and see where we're at. Did our finances improve as we worked on feeling our innate value? Did we learn anything interesting? What has changed in our lives? What remains unchanged? These are the questions I'd be curious to hear your answers to.

For me, this has really been a good project. Just having the idea of self worth floating around in my mind has brought issues to my attention, and given me brand new ideas about ways to work through those issues. I find that I am more likely to put myself first, and at the same time, I've been able to really give myself, and my energy when it's been needed.

I've noticed that as I take better care of myself, I have more energy for the people around me. I've also noticed that as my self judgment decreases, my judgments of friends and family has decreased as well. As for my finances - surprisingly - I'm doing OK, better than I expected, especially since I've had a series of events that have really challenged my checking account.

All things considered, I'd give this one a thumbs up. Self worth really does seem to have an effect on my actual income.

What about you? Did you follow the project this time around? Did you work on raising your self worth? How well did you do? Has your income improved? Did your circumstances change? What did you learn? What thoughts would you like to share?


Cindy H said...

I thought this was a good month and a good topic. Shirley, I'm so glad that you are FINALLY starting to treat yourself better!!! And Michelle, you too! You are both such intelligent, sweet, loving people who deserve the best life has to offer!!

I did get confused throughout the month, though. There were several times when I didn't get the e-mail saying there was a post, and there were other times when I think several things got posted at once, which I found distracting and confusing. There was so much material there, I didn't know where to start.

My life has continuously gotten better over the last 2 years (?) since involving myself in this prosperity project! I managed to get out of a horrible, falling down around me house and into a beautiful new home, I managed to go on disability and get approved the first time I applied, my daughter finally got into actual nursing school, and now, believe it or not, I actually have a boyfriend after 22 years of being alone!!

I do have one problem in my life that keeps cropping up and I'm hoping maybe someone here has some ideas of ways to overcome/fix it. I seem to draw all these bureaucrats to me with stupid, nonsensical requests for money! I have been fighting with the Mo Dept of Revenue now for nearly 2 years over the fact that they want me to license my mobile home, not seeming to understand that it is not a vehicle, it does not have a motor or a steering wheel or anything else! And NOW I am also fighting with the IRS over some 2007 income which I know is non-taxable, and did EVERYTHING right when filing my taxes to prove it, and yet got a letter from them the other day.

I know I'm not the only one fighting government and their bullshit mistakes, but at the same time, it's hard for me to understand why even though I do EVERYTHING correctly, it's always me that gets "chosen" to be messed with. Is there anything I can do differently on a spiritual or personal level to prevent this from happening? Any ideas?

Karla said...

Cindy, it's so awesome to hear success stories and see the amazing changes that come about from just changing our mind sets! Pretty powerful stuff! A house, a boyfriend! Congratulations!! There must be a way to apply some of the methods we've learned over the past couple years here to your red-tape mess, too! I feel for you, that stuff all seems so unnecessary, doesn't it? Hmmm. Maybe visualization techniques? Picturing conversations with these folks going exactly as you want them. Imagining the words they are saying and the kind tone they use to reassure you that the mistakes have been found and everything is going forward smoothly to correct all your issues. Feeling how happy you are that it's all ironed out. Drawing pictures of paperwork IN and OUT boxes and stacks of paper on the OUT side and NOTHING on the IN side but air or a nice flower or happy face. (I'm not the best artist so I keep it simple!)
Accepting and releasing all that you need to do rather than resisting it helps. Give up and give it over to your angels to deal with! Do you have a friend who is really good and dealing with beauracracy? My sister is a whiz with dealing with doctor bills and insurance (ugh) and was a great help to my daughter when she was pregnant. She called them all and figured out who owed who what and it was done in two days!Maybe you could trade someone...cook some meals or clean house for them while they sit on the phone for you?? Next time you call the IRS tell them "Hey, I'm really having a hard time figuring this out, will you be an ANGEL and help guide me through this mess?" I've met some honest to goodness angels on calls to Verizon Wireless, PG&E, my bank etc. Forget AT&T, though...they have a "no angels" policy I think. Ha ha ha.
Are you fighting it on principal even knowing that eventually it will need to be done? Is it better to be RIGHT or ALL RIGHT? Mobile homes are bizarre, aren't they? I lived in one for several years and it required a license, also. It wasn't a huge expense but annoying because it's easy to overlook or not remember to pay. I never did figure that out but it was far less than the HUGE property taxes we pay now, so I kinda miss that old mobile home!! Remember to count those blessings. It helps!

Wow Shirley! See how much we've learned?

msvb19 said...

I have been dealing with the irs for dad because he didn't file his taxes for 7 years. they have been helping us and answering the questions.

my advice is ask for a good person when you send the letter and when you call them. and I get their name and send a thank you letter. i think they are very surprised. I ended up with a written note from irs . i was surprised.

congrats on the good luck

my money is doing better since i have gotten on this blog.
I enrolled 6 people last month. that is a big deal. my average has been 2.
time for prosperity to flow! it is my turn.

having my money back will reduce stress which reduces seizures. contrats on the disabililty.i know it is very hard to get!
the prosperity is rubbing off on mom's consignment shop it is nice to see.

Cindy H said...

Thank you SO MUCH Karla and msvb19 for all the GREAT suggestions for me! I plan on taking them all to heart, and implementing them. This is such a great group of people and I bless each and every one of you!

Shirley, you should be proud of what a great project/blog this is and how much it has helped so many people, as well as creating a great community of spiritual, loving people!!

Two Feathers said...

Hi guys! And hello also to our noncommenting readers!

Cindy - wow!! You have made so much progress in the last couple of years! And now a boyfriend! I remember quite a while back, sitting in that other house of yours talking about how you hated your job and wished for a man in your life... and now - WOW!! Here it is!!!

I'm sorry for the confusion with the posts this month. Next time around I'll try to have everything prewritten and ready. You're right - there was so much material but I didn't want to leave anything out - and it didn't occur to me that it would be confusing.

Karla - I love your answers to Cindy, I especially like the suggestion of asking for an "angel." What a great idea!

Cindy - you might also try using Reiki. It does seem stupid that mobile homes are classified as "vehicles" but I'm pretty sure that every person in Missouri who lives in a mobile home is paying taxes on it. (I do.) Maybe you could get it reclassified as a "modular" home?? I dunno...

msvb19 - I'm so glad that the project has been helpful! I've really enjoyed your comments and insights.

Thanks guys!
You are appreciated more than you know!!

Melissa J. said...

I've been in and out this month, just kind of checking in to see what's up, so I don't feel like I really "did" the project this month. . . and yet I AM taking better care of myself! I got back on track with taking my vitamins and exercising, which makes me feel 1000% better. And I keep getting little bursts of unexpected income - $40 here or there, that kind of thing, which is so appreciated. I have more money in my savings account than EVER before, because I keep putting that unexpected income directly into savings. And my husband's income has been about $100 more per paycheck than it was last year. So things seem to be improving all around.

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