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Things I Have Learned

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Here is an exerpt from an article I found online. It mirrors many of the things that I have also learned, and seemed appropriate for this project, and so here it is:


  • Although you can be intelligent, competent and successful in many areas, you can also carry a negative self-image, frequently engage in negative self-talk, be perpetually busy, hold many fears, repeat failed relationships and have no focus.
  • That although most of the world focuses on the intellect and our external world: this is only one reality. The other reality is our inner world that is driven by our hopes and dreams: our heart's desires. The inner you is activated by our own observation of it ... observation of your thoughts, your emotions and how that feels in your body. Our whole body is our subconscious and every cell holds memory. Each and every cell listens to what we say about ourselves. What do you say?
  • We need to be patient. Our progress goes back and forth. Our inner vision begins to open, we have more energy and there is an inner space growing: it feels like freedom and strength with moments of inspiration.
  • We accept concepts intellectually and it takes much longer for the concept to become real in your heart, so that we can live it naturally. If we rush our growth, it becomes empty, we become bored and listless since we are in unfamiliar territory and still identified with ego.

Unfortunately, the author's name was lost in the transition.
Sorry about that!


Michelle said...

That first point is me all the way. Still, correcting those things is easier said than done. I wonder if it's just that simple...just do and be. right now, I must do baking and be awake...things that I love, but things that are also difficult for me tonight. I hope it's that simple, I really do.

Cindy H said...

It isn't simple and I have found that I can change my thinking and self talk for a while, but it's really easy to get back into old habits. It's very hard to stay AWARE at all times, keeping the negative tapes from running 24/7, keeping ourselves from sabotaging our own lives.

And there is a thin line between caring what people think about us and not caring what people think about us. I think I taught my children to basically "not be concerned about what others think" of them, however, by the same token, if one of them showed up to work late every day, or went out to a family get-together with poor hygiene, that's another story.

So it's hard to reconcile loving ourselves and hating ourselves, and caring what others think and not caring what others think. It's a thin line to tread!

shirley said...

What I liked about this was the observation that our progress goes back and forth - and that even when we accept a concept intellectually it takes much longer for it to become an actual reality.

I tend to get really impatient with me - especially when I "get it" in my head but continue to NOT get it in "real" life.

shirley said...

Oh, and Cindy - you are so right about it being a thin line when it comes to what other people think. It IS important what other people think - at least to a certain degree. The trick is to know to WHAT degree... at what point am I losing my integrity? at what point am I selling myself short? Where do I draw the line? A lot to think about here.

And yes Michelle - it's that simple and that difficult - just do and be...

Better yet - just "be" and the "do" will naturally unfold.

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