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Self Awareness

Thursday, July 09, 2009

This is more from the article I've been uploading in bits and pieces this week. This segment focuses on ways to feel good about who we are, and offers ideas on how self awareness can help with emotional healing. I thought might be helpful, so here it is:


If we are perpetually busy, our ego has a hold. We have less energy and may even feel totally drained. Our body is responding to our heavy emotional attachments: resentments, jealousy, anger, and envy. When we release these emotional attachments and our victim status, we naturally have more energy.

How do we do that?

  1. Regularly observe your inner dialogue ... notice what makes you feel good, what makes you feel bad, identify where you feel that in your body through deep, relaxed breathing. You have heard the phrase, "What you resist, persists?" So, simply sit with it for a while. Then, let it go. This is a practice that we need to do regularly.
  2. Only you can observe your mind and identify what thought, smell, color and touch, triggered your emotions. The very act of observation slowly closes down your ego and your fears diminish. You identify that you do have control and you can simply decide that you no longer need the drama in your life. As you cut emotional links you gain emotional composure and you reduce your needs.
  3. Improve your inner dialogue ... this keeps us in the present. Once you identify where the negative feelings are coming from, you can change them or take a program to release your programmed beliefs.
  4. Ask yourself if you offer joy and hope to others or idle gossip and misery? Genpo Roshi says that, "Participating in slander and gossip is a symptom of how inadequate we feel. If we truly felt whole ... we wouldn't need to fall into the trap of negative speech. When we see that our own true nature is not lacking in any way, we ultimately want to rejoice and celebrate other peoples' success and well-being."
  5. How do we find our true nature, uncover our innate abilities and talents? Truly knowing our self-worth is often the answer to how we accept ourselves-even celebrate who we are.

    Unfortunately, the author's name was lost in the transition.
    Sorry about that!


    Cindy H said...

    Wow, have you ever had the same messages blaring at you from all angles? I have been this last week. I have been reading the new book by James Van Praagh, working my angel program, participating in this project, and talking to my daughter and the SAME issues and SAME points are made in each!!

    Basically, be in the moment, rid yourself of negative thougts, treat yourself and others well, don't engage in idle gossip, and honor yourself and your self worth.

    OKAY, I get it! You know it's the right and true message when you get it from all sides, I guess.

    shirley said...

    Hey Cindy - wow - I love it when I get the message... and I really love it when it's easy to know just what the message is.

    I've been really focused on the idea of being a good friend to myself - and the idea that other people treat you the way you treat yourself.

    So far, that's been the most valuable thing that I've been able to actually internalize this time around. And I'm curious to see how it unfolds in my personal relationships.

    Already, I've noticed a difference in my finances. The last two people I boarded for were generous with their appreciation and backed that appreciation up with tips... how cool is that?

    Cindy H said...

    Shirley, that's way cool! And I'm glad you are finding a way to start treating yourself better! You deserve it!!!

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