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Begging vs Asking

Monday, January 17, 2011

In the comments on our post Begging For Mercy - Lets Get Started, Erica shared something from Tom T Moore's newsletter, and it got me thinking about begging vs asking. What's the difference? Is one better (more effective) than the other?

Here's what I came up with:

Begging is for when you're desperate... begging is for when you have so much emotion attached to the situation that a simple request feels inadquate and ineffective. When you are desperate, up against the wall, terrified, and/or totally freaking out, asking isn't even possible - you've way passed the point of even being able to ask nicely... Begging is for when you have exhausted every avenue, knocked on every door... for when you are lost in the woods and your map and compass fall into a badger hole... stuff like that.

Asking is for situations that don't fit into the above category. You're not up against the wall yet, water isn't spewing out of your pipes and drenching your whole house in the middle of the night in the dead of winter... you're not at the end of your rope and dangling over a cliff, real or imagined... you can still think straight and you can still breathe...

And actually, when I think about it... we do have a third category here. It's the action part. Because if my pipes are broken and spewing water, I'm not going to take the time to do any begging... I'm going to be running to the main shut off valve... then I'm going to be calling family and friends, banging on the neighbor's door and I'm going to be asking... it's when no one is home, when I'm standing outside freezing, and my phone isn't working because it got wet and frozen, that's when the begging would start... I've done what I could, I've reached out to where I know to reach out, now I'm up against it... now I'm desperate...

Begging for mercy isn't our "go-to" technique, it's our when all else fails high drama "I-give-up-you-fix-it-please-please-please" technique.

So, if during the course of this project there is no high drama - why not just try asking for help? Tomorrow I'll post some ideas on that subject, and I'd welcome any input, comments, suggestions, insights, and etc... please

As for our sister post, The Prosperity Puzzle...

Back in 2006, I posted something about inner work being as important as outer help when it comes to putting together the pieces of a "whole" life. Which brings to mind the question of what is a "whole" life anyway? And maybe that would be something interesting to explore for 30 days... putting our own puzzle pieces together... getting our lives together... etc... In the comments section, Grace mentioned Byron Katie, and The Work which is something I have on a waiting list for potential 30 day projects. And Michelle said something about love and fear - which is another potential project. So many good ideas! So much stuff to think about.


Cindy H said...

That's a good way to explain it. I agree, there is a lot more emotion in begging than there is in asking!

SoulErika said...

Requesting a Most Benevolent Outcome works better with putting alot of feeling into it.
People request them in crisis or going for an operations and for storms etc. You get instant help from Your Guardian Angel the moment you ask and the Most Benevolent outcome for all. All my outcomes would fill a book from all the ones I have said.
I like the way you have talked out all your stuff with begging and given up the struggle and allowed the best thing to happen.
so I feel its not begging vs Asking but talking to your Angels and God and letting go for your best and highest good.
that's my 2cents worth ,
love and blesssings Soulerika

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Good point Erika -and it occurs to me that begging vs asking boils down to semantics - what I conjure up in my mind when I say "begging for mercy" might very easily be the exact same thing that someone else has in their mind when they request a benevolent outcome.

So interesting how our experiences and life situations give simple words so many diverse meanings and dimensions.

I love it! I think now I'll have to research some online dictionaries!!

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