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What Is a Wish?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Karla's comment about her nightly ritual of "wishing on a star" got me thinking about wishing, so I did some research and came up with this article from Suite 101.

What is a Wish?
Wishing Methods and Definition by Arden Wikberg

Making wishes links us to our spiritual selves. Wishes express our hopes, dreams and desires. They teach us about healing our lives and wishing can create happiness in the moment.

In the Walt Disney Movie ’Cinderella' is a song called, ‘A Wish is a Dream Your Heart Makes,’ and this perfectly describes the concept of a wish.

A wish is usually defined as a desire, to long for, to hanker after, to have a mind or disposition towards something. From blowing candles on a cake to wishing upon a star, virtually everyone has been compelled to make a wish at some point.

Finding Power in Wishes

Wishes express our heart’s desire. Whether they come true or not wishes are important, they help set ‘intention’ to create something new in one's life. In doing so, it's believed that one becomes open to receiving it.

Wishes are regarded as a wonderful way to shift the mind into the realm of the positive and the ‘now’ moment. As adults, it is easy to dismiss the power of this process as something that's only suitable for children. Yet many find power in wishes, hence the warning phrase, “Be careful what you wish for.”

The History of Wishes and Wishing Methods

Since ancient times, man’s spirituality has been linked with the process of making wishes. A way of believing our needs and desires could be met, and something outside of ourselves existing to help create it. Wishing recalls the innocence and magical energy of childhood.

Wishing isn’t about making a plan and formulating a goal which is the world of adulthood. Wishing is a playful journey into the unknown, an invitation to play with forces outside of our everyday lives.

Here are some common wishes you may recall from childhood:
  • Blowing dandelion seeds in the air – By taking a dandelion that has gone to seed, making a wish and blowing all the down off in one breath was said to make your wish come true.
  • Throwing pennies into a fountain or well – Close your eyes make a wish and toss the coin into the water. This is a wishing method that is still practiced today.
  • Blowing out the candles on a cake – This is the most common form of wishing still used today. By making a wish closing your eyes and blowing the candles on a cake out in one breath it is said your wish will be granted.
  • Using wishbones – Wishbones are found in cooked fowl. Once they are dried two people each take an end, close their eyes, make a wish and pull it apart. The one with the biggest piece will have his wish come true. On the rare chance that both pieces are even, it's said that both wishes will come true.
  • Wishing upon a star – When the first star of the evening appears in the sky, close your eyes and make a wish.
  • Falling/shooting stars – To make a wish on a star, you must personally see the shooting star. Then, make a wish. Multiple people can wish on a falling star simultaneously.
  • Lady bugs – Should a lady bug land on you say, “Lady bug, lady bug fly away home.” If it flees, make a wish.
Wishes help keep faith and hope alive. The next time you see a fountain or the first star of the evening, close your eyes and make a wish. Belief in change and the power of believing can be inspiring and motivational.

And for those of you following the original project on prayer we have: A Sense of Adventure


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm the writer of this article. My duplicate content detector has found my article here in full on your site. Please note that this is plagarism, and is reportable to the DMCA. Please remove my article from this web site. You may provide a link to my article, but copying it is violation of my copyright and if it is not removed I will report this to both blogger and the DMCA..thank you. And please take the time to write your own articles and not steal others..Arden.

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