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Revisiting Our Project on Prayer

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

On Oct 15, 2006 I made my very first blog post ever and so began the Prosperity Project. What a journey! I'm thinking it might be fun now to revisit that post (Does Prayer Really Work?) and read the comments we made.

So that was then... and this is now. How much has changed in your life since Oct 2006? How much is still the same?

As for me, I've seen quite a few changes, suffered a number of grievous losses, found new friends, stepped out in several new directions, made a number of terrible mistakes, and also a number of astonishingly good choices. Yet it's still me and it's still my same life. Interesting, isn't it? No matter where you go, or how far, there you still are!

My idea for our next project is to link back to each post from our original project about "Praying For Prosperity," and then talking about whatever seems pertinent to our current project "Begging For Mercy." I'm also really curious to see where and how we've grown, and what kinds of changes have taken place - especially with regards to our experience of and ideas about prosperity.

So, with that in mind here goes...

The first post (here) talks about "why" we decided to do a project on prayer, and why we chose Silent Unity. What wasn't said, and which was also true, is that we (Daniel and I) were currently working at Silent Unity, praying with people for their prosperity and yet not experiencing it for ourselves. I think we wanted to see if our prayers really did work, or if we were just getting (not very well) paid for a lot of "bla bla bla."

As for the current project, here's the "why" for this project about begging. For one thing, isn't that usually what we are doing when we pray? Something to the effect of: "Please please God, don't let the bad thing happen... and please please God make the good thing happen..." ??

So, when I made the decision to begin a project on begging, I began to actully do it in earnest, and surprisingly, begging seems to work pretty well for me. Plus, I've been doing so much of it lately that I'm starting to feel like an expert in the subject.

What's the thing about begging that makes it work? I'm not sure, and that's something I'd like to explore over the next 30 days. The idea is to set some goals and then track our progress over the course of the project. Feel free to jump in at any time with ideas, insights, etc.

So, how about it guys? Anyone out there? Wanna try it? Please please please??


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