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The Absolute Yes List

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

To help you set your personal boundaries and determine your true priorities, create what Lifestyle Makeover expert Cheryl Richardson calls the "Absolute Yes List."

This list is about setting new priorities for yourself, using your time the way you really want. Put your self-care above anything else—say no unless it's an absolute yes. Choose to spend your time and energy on things that bring you joy and make decisions based on what you want instead of what others want. If you don't set boundaries and take care of yourself, your health and well-being are at stake. And, if you are neglecting yourself, you aren't helping your family and others around you.

Ask yourself:

  • What needs your attention at this time in your life? Think in terms of the next 3 months, not the next year.
  • What needs your attention: your marriage, financial, health, your physical and emotional heath? Maybe you need to find a babysitter to care for your child so you can have time for yourself each week.
  • What are the most pressing areas right now? More examples: spiritual well-being, time with friends, school, work, volunteering, finances, household chores, home repair.

Once you've made your list above, pick the top five priorities.

Does your list need to be reordered? Cheryl recommends placing yourself at Number 1 Placing yourself at the top may be hard, but ask yourself, "How am I going to take care of others if I am burnt out?" Remember, this is about you. This Is Your Absolute Yes List.

Daily Reminder: Once your list is complete, print this out this worksheet and place it where you will see it throughout the day—the bathroom mirror, the dashboard of your car, your computer monitor, etc.


Two Feathers said...

It turns out that this kind of thing makes me really really tired. Thank God for Avoidance Boy!!

Karla said...

Not fair Shirley! If you've logged onto the Prosperity Project may as well JUST DO IT! Ha ha ha! My problem is avoiding the whole site because I know there is work to be done!

Karla's YES LIST
(Yes we can, Yes we can, Yes we can)

1. Physical Health & appearance.
Address lack of energy (bought vitamins, need exercise, chug water), Learn to breath.
Dentist and eyeglasses. I can't see dammit! New clothes that fit from somewhere other than Goodwill.

2. Family.
Choose to visit and play with family (and pets) over what I feel I'm supposed to accomplish.

3. Marriage.
Beat sense into husband or find drugs that allow me to allow him to be himself.

4. Finances.
Win Lottery. More Palmistry. Find publisher. Get a raise.

5. House.
Create environment that nourishes and stimulates me. Make things if I have to. Yard sale old stuff then go buy new stuff I like. One project at a time.

Cindy H said...

I'm excited to hear more about your AHA moment, Shirley! Sounds great!

Cindy's yes list:

1. Lack of energy. I have done a few things to address my lack of energy but I need to do more, especially force myself to get some exercise and more time outdoors. I'm getting enough sleep - too much sleep in fact.

2. Perform my soul mate spell. I have been able to excuse not doing it now for several months because I needed a red glass container with a lid. Guess what - I have one now and I need to quit being scared and go for it!!

3. Quit worrying about "what ifs", including above, i.e. what if I find my soul mate? Do I have time for him? Will it bring heartache? What if he isn't the one? Do I even want to get into a relationship after 23 years of being single?

4. Quit procrastinating on trying to sell my lawn tractor. I had an excuse for several months - couldn't find the keys. Guess what - I found them! What in the world would make me not take steps to sell a tractor that will net me at least $500 if not more????

That's the basics, for now. I'll probably think of more later and I'm already wanting to reorder them but will let it stand as is for now.

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