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A Lightbulb Moment

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

I had such an amazing "AHA!" today that I can't even gather my thoughts to write about it properly. This whole thing about energy drains just fell into place for me in such a profound way that I'm not even clear about where to start talking about it.


I think it must have started with the post on Plug Those Energy Drains With Love. That exercise took me to a place of understanding where some of my energy was going, and got me thinking in terms of questions, quizzes, how to's and what to do's. What I wasn't expecting to run into right away was Avoidance and Resistance. Hitting those two was like hitting a wall.

And I had thought about posting more lists, and some other bits and pieces about fear, and time management, and I don't even know what else. But the whole thought of even writing about, much less DOING something about really getting in there and LOOKING at my issues, or DEALING with the mess I've made of my life put me into such a mood that all I wanted to do was play on the Internet and watch movies.

I tried calling in my Inner Dad so that he could deal with Avoidance Boy, but it turns out he is on vacation in Fiji, and much too busy drinking margaritas and cavorting with the cabana boy (who knew?) to help me out at all.

And that's the way things stood until this morning, when a number of things that have happened recently coincided with a really good conversation with Daniel, and I started to have an "AHA!" and it didn't stop there, it gradually unfolded over the course of the morning until finally by the time I got off work, I really felt that I had THE answer.

So what is it? THE ANSWER? Ahhh... grasshopper...

I'm going to try to have it completed and posted by tomorrow evening. In the mean time, to keep you busy, here's the "yes list" and a post on "resistance."


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