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Our Next Project

Friday, June 26, 2009

A number of personal things have intruded on my time this week, and so our project is delayed until Tuesday. What I can tell you is that our next project will be titled, "What Are You Worth?" Yes. We'll be working on our self worth, which is different from self esteem, and more important.

So far, I have collected a short daily meditation, several really good articles, some activities, even some magic spells, and I'm looking forward to some really great "stuff" happening for all of us.

If there is anything that any of you would like to share with me that you think might be great for this specific project, don't hesitate to email me, or leave a comment with ideas, insights, links to websites, recommend books, etc. If you have quotes, that would be great too. While I can't guarantee that I'll use everything, know that I will deeply appreciate anything and everything that comes my way.


Karla said...

Bring it on! Great idea, Shirley! I've a bad habit of putting my own needs on the back burner and I'm sure it has to do with feeling like everyone else's are WORTH more attention. I believe I'm ready for a piece of the pie! Tuesday is my birthday and so it will be like opening a present..a new project!!!

Cindy H said...

Happy birthday on Tuesday, Karla!

Shirley, I'm sure whatever you have planned will be GREAT! Thanks for all your hard work on this project!

Two Feathers said...

A piece of the pie... love it! Happy upcoming birthday Karla - how cool to start this new project on your day!

And thanks, Cindy.

Melissa J. said...

This immediately made me think of financial wiz Suze Orman - she says that women always devalue themselves and their work, and when a woman is figuring out how much to charge for her product/services, she should take the price she feels comfortable charging and add 20% to that, as that's what her time/services/expertise are REALLY worth and what she should really charge. Our WORTH is a great project for next month!!!

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