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Quiz: What's Draining You?

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Are you so overwhelmed by everyday life that you don't have the energy to deal with setting new goals for yourself? Do you feel drained? Do you know where you are spending your energy unproductively?

Read the following statements and decide whether your answer is true or false. For every section start with score 0 and for every true answer add 2 points, false answers do not yeild any points. At the end of the quiz, read more about what your score means.

Section 1: Relationships

___ There are people in my life who continuously drain my energy.
___ I have unreturned phone calls, e-mails or letters that need to be handled.
___ I have an unresolved conflict with a family member.
___ I lack quality friendships in my life.
___ I feel a void in my life created by the lack of a romantic partner.
___ There is someone I need to forgive.
___ There is a relationship I need to end.
___ There is a phone call I dread making, and it causes me stress and anxiety.
___ I'm currently involved in a relationship that compromises my values.
___ I miss being part of a loving and supportive community.

Section 2: Environment

___ My car is in need of cleaning and/or repair.
___ My wardrobe needs updating and/or alterations.
___ I'd like to live in a different geographic location.
___ I have appliances that need repair or upgrading.
___ My home is not decorated in a way that nurtures me.
___ My closets and/or basement are cluttered and need to be cleaned.
___ Repairs need to be done around my home or apartment.
___ My home is cluttered and disorganized.
___ I miss having more beauty reflected in my environment.
___ I watch too much television.

Section 3: Body, Mind, Spirit

___ I eat food that's not good for me.
___ Something about my physical appearance bothers me.
___ It's been too long since I've been to the dentist.
___ I do not get the sleep I need to feel fully rested.
___ I'd like to exercise regularly but never seem to find the time.
___ I have a health concern for which I've avoided getting help.
___ I have emotional needs that consistently go unmet.
___ There are books that I'd love to read but never seem to find the time for.
___ I lack personal interests that are intellectually stimulating.
___ I lack a spiritual or religious practice in my life.

Section 4: Work

___ I no longer enjoy my job and have a hard time showing up each day.
___ My work is stressful and leaves me exhausted at the end of the day.
___ My office is disorganized, my desk is a mess, and I have trouble finding what I need.
___ I'm avoiding a confrontation or conflict at work.
___ I tolerate bad behavior from a boss or coworker.
___ I am not computer literate, and it gets in the way of my productivity.
___ I lack the proper office equipment that I need to do my job well.
___ My work does not allow me to express my creativity.
___ I know I need to delegate specific tasks but I am unable to let go of control.
___ I feel overwhelmed with the amount of information that enters my life in the form of mail, books, magazines and e-mail.

Section 5: Money

___ I have tax returns that are not filed or taxes are not paid.
___ I pay my bills late.
___ I spend more than I earn.
___ I don't have a plan for my financial future.
___ My credit rating is not what I'd like it to be.
___ I do not have a regular savings plan.
___ I do not have adequate insurance coverage.
___ My mortgage rate is too high, and I need to refinance.
___ I have debt that needs to be paid off.
___ My will is not up to date.

What your quiz score means...

Your score on each section represents the amount of energy you spend thinking about things you've been putting off and putting up with every day. If you're like most people, you probably scored 14 points in each section.

Now you know what areas of your life drain more energy than the others. Write this score in your journal so that you can keep track of your progress as you eliminate your energy drains and focus more on your Absolute Yes! List.

As you take care of the things that distract you and drain your energy, you'll immediately feel an energy boost!


Anonymous said...

As of right now having just taken the quiz I find it more depressing and de-moralizing than helpful. If feels like that basically every area of my life is @##$$$! It doesn't help me to just know what areas I need real concrete advice on how to change those things. Because I feel like the reason they are a mess is because I don't know how to change them not because I am not aware of them. Just the kind of crap I'd expect from anything connected to Oprah. NO real substance.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

I actually enjoyed taking the test... I got all the answers right - which gives me an A+

What I found tiresome is the "absolute yes" list that comes next.

Karla said...

I thought this was interesting because I did BETTER than I thought I would, a couple 6s and a 4 in there! Since I wasn't checking off alot of boxes, I started being appreciative of the drains that ARE NOT in my life. I guess looking at the bright side.
I think they could have been a little more constructive with what to discern from the scoring.

What ws shocking is which areas were lowest and which were highest. I am the most distressed about money (well no surprise) and my environment, while work was the BEST. Now I really need to be grateful for my job! It's one of the best parts of my life!

April said...

Since the title of the quiz is What's Draining You?, I went into it without the expectation of a solution - just an identification. Like others, taking the quiz allowed me to appreciate parts of my life that are working better than others - these are my refuges when the higher number areas get me down. It's all about The Law of Attraction - if I focus on the crappy parts of my life, I get depressed, resentful, angry, and want to run away. If I focus on the positive parts, I am energized and will try to believe (really believe) that that energy is now available to me to manifest a positive outcome in one of the quiz-question areas. I'm using my answers to resolve some of the "not done" things I really can do! Gotta run, there's a phone call I've been putting off . . . (THANK YOU!)

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Hi April, and Hi Karla - I think it might be interesting to revisit this post when our 30 days is up and see if we've been able to change any of our scores for the better.

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