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Putting It All Together

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Looks like we've come to the end of the Plug Those Energy Drains project, and now it's time to take a look at what all has unfolded over the last 30 days. For me, personally, this has been one of the biggest projects in terms of life changing events and "aha!" moments. I'm really curious to hear what you all have to say about it. Here are some questions I'd like to know the answers to:

  1. Did you participate in this particular project?
  2. If not, why not?
  3. If so, would you (or do you) recommend the prosperity project to others?
  4. What did you hope to accomplish? And what actually happened?
  5. Did you feel that it was helpful to spend time looking at, and possibly doing something about, the energy drains in your life?
  6. Were there any "aha!" moments?
  7. Did you learn anything new?
  8. What was the most valuable insight you had this time around?
  9. Were you able to actually plug any of your energy drains?
  10. Do you think you will continue to pay attention to the people, places, situations, and things that drain your energy?
  11. Are you also working on the stories that you tell yourself about them?
  12. Would you recommend the practice of plugging energy drains as a prosperity technique?
  13. Would you recommend it as a technique for living a better life?
  14. How has your life improved over the course of this project?
  15. If your life has not improved, do you have any insights as to why that is?
  16. Do you have any insights, thoughts, ideas, or experiences that you'd like to share with the group? Now's the time.

Also, I did want to invite any of those who have websites or blogs, to you send me the links, I'll add you to our "List of Friends" in the sidebar. We do have a few new additions, and if you haven't visited the site recently, it might be fun to check in and visit some of those websites.

Daniel and I have been talking about the next project, and I'll be organizing it, and writing about it soon. I'm hoping to get it up and running by Tuesday of next week. In the mean time, as I wait for answers and feedback to come in, I'll be working to get our current project wrapped up and neatly put to bed.


Anonymous said...

So yes I did participate in this project. I did though get stuck, in a good way, on feeling self worth. To me this really feels a key item in achieving anything, especially prosperity. I have also been really pondering the implications of the "stories" we tell ourselves about our lives. Over all I think this has been a great project.

Karla said...

I did read the project every day but didn't participate in all the comments. I'm tryng to spend LESS time on the computer! This project really helped me understand WHY certain things are draining and I learned to turn situations around in my head. I have been accomplishing more at work and at home and although a couple times this month, certain unnamed peeps have REALLY stressed me out, I chose to learn from it rather than dwell on it. THere is a difference!
Great project! I would re-read this!

Cindy H said...

I did participate in this month's project somewhat. I did learn a lot about what causes my energy drains and how to try to plug them, which was helpful. It wasn't my favorite project, but it was fun. Not quite as "aha" as some past projects have been.

I actually started a mini-angels project this morning, loosely based on our angel project from a while back and another angel prosperity program. It's a 14 day program to help me get into better touch with my angels, guides and guardians. It's something that I felt a strong need to do at this time for some reason.

I'm looking forward to the next project, and hopefully I won't be so involved in my angel project that I don't participate.

I have to say that overall, this prosperity blog has done WONDERFUL things for me. While some months spoke to me more than others, that's because everyone is different,with different issues and different likes and dislikes.

I would definitely 110% recommend participating in this blog to anyone trying to straighten out their heads and their lives and lead a more prosperous, happy, healthy life.

Shirley, how long has this project/blog been going on? I honestly feel it has contributed to my life a LOT since it's beginning and I feel much more in tune with my life, my spirituality, who I am and why I'm here. Thanks for changing my life in so many rich, wonderful ways!

Two Feathers said...

My feedback is as follows:

Yes, I did work on plugging my energy drains every day. I might not have actually "done" the daily tasks, but it was on my mind and in my heart to really "do" something each and every day.

what I hoped to accomplish was increased energy, and what I actually accomplished was so much deeper than that... I think that eventually I WILL have more energy, but boy oh boy did I open a pandoras box of 'stuff' with this one!

I had a number of aha moments, notably the thing about self worth, as Daniel (aka anonymous) mentioned, the realization that it's not the people, situations, or things that drain us - it's the stories we tell ourselves about them, plugging my energy drains with love - that led me down all sorts of pathways.

I rearranged my inner talk about "should" and also am paying way more attention to my own personal comfort instead of immediately putting everyone else first.

Several of my biggest energy drains plugged themselves: my elderly incontinent dog Jesse died unexpectedly, I had a huge insight about my eldest daughter and how she lives her life - a new respect for her way of doing things, plus I have an exit strategy for my currently physically and sometimes emotionally exhausting job.... and I won't go on and on, but there's more.

Yes!! It was a big 30 days for me!!

As for prosperity, my monetary situation isn't any better. IMy car still needs a brake job, I owe 2 years of overdue property taxes, have home repairs and other bills I can't afford to take care of. So the jury is still out on whether or not plugging energy drains actually will improve my finances.

Will I continue to address my energy drains? Yes I will.

Will I recommend this particular project to others? Yes, if it feels appropriate. And yes, I do recommend the prosperity project. It's been a life changing, life enhancing journey, that's for sure.

Two Feathers said...

Cindy, the Prosperity Project was started in October of 2006!! WOW!!

Also I've got your link up. I put it under Cindy and Shari's Avon Site.

Melissa J. said...

I came back this month (after like a year away from you guys!) with the intention of taking part in this month's project, and what actually happened after just a few days was my body completely rebelled at all the stress I've been under at work and I developed shingles and then had to travel for a business trip and work 12-hour days while taking antiviral medication. AAAACK!!!! Yes, this story has a happy ending (I am affirming). I finally realized that my biggest energy drain is this one particular program I manage at work, and when the health issues got out of hand and my husband was telling me to quit my job if it was coming down to my job or my health, I told my boss to get someone else to take over this program as I am DONE with it. Can't take it anymore. Didn't say it quite like that but she got the point, and I must say I truly appreciate her for hearing me and understanding. I'm affirming the right and perfect person steps into this position so that I can go do the work that I'm actually supposed to be doing in my job. While all this was going on, I didn't even realize it was related to this month's project, but now I can see it so clearly. I'm trying to really take care of myself now. It's amazing what even the tiniest intention can do.

Two Feathers said...

Hi Melissa... It's so good to see you here! And I agree... it is AMAZING what the tiniest intention can do... sometimes I think that the tinier the intention, the more powerful it is...

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