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Hello Avoidance Boy!

Monday, June 01, 2009


I found this character somewhere on the world wide web. Don't remember exactly where, but I know him pretty well! Seems I'm having a heck of a time generating the courage, the time, the energy, the grit, the determination required to actually take a long look at my energy drains. Today's exercise isn't all that hard, it's not about mucking out a toilet, or mowing waist high grass, it's not about paying bills, or dealing with a difficult person... oops! maybe it is about a difficult person - ME!

And I'm realizing that my out of control to do list has more to do with helping me to avoid introspection, and less to do with actually getting stuff done around here. A wise woman I know once wrote,

"The best defense against contemplation is a long list of chores and the fierce drive to beat them down just before collapsing into bed."

~Grace Gibson.

So, that's my story today. I guess I'm going to have to give Inner Dad a call, and ask for some help with Avoidance Boy - looks like he's going to get grounded for sure, maybe even lose his internet privaledges for the rest of the day!


Cindy H said...

I hope this doesn't come across as bragging, because that's not the intent, but I'm proud to say that I scored very low on all the sections except the last one (money). Here are my scores:

Section 1 - 6 points
Section 2 - 4 points
Section 3 - 6 points
Section 4 - N/A
Section 5 - 14 points

I liked this quiz/exercise because not only does it make me count my many blessings in life, but it also points out to me that there is one MAIN area where my energy is getting drained - things dealing with money. I think what I'll do now is go back through the quiz and section 4 in particular, and ask myself what I could do to make that section's score lower.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

Wow Cindy - that's awesome!

I scored a 10 in Sections 1 and 4, and 18's and 20's on all the rest.

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