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Creating Work You Love

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

"The separation between life and work, between our daily struggles and our dreams, plagues us as a people. The great majority take dissatisfaction with work for granted, thoughtlessly supporting a burgeoning entertainment and consumer culture as the only way to connect with the realm of the imagination. Others among us, despite a nagging feeling of having "sold out," accept working as a necessary sacrifice. Very few of us look forward to Monday morning. To make art forms out of the stuff of our lives, to create vital forms of living and working, may be our most current challenge.

  • Is it possible to be who we are in or work, rather than veiling our authenticity in order to survive in the job market?
  • Can we create forms of work that will allow us to offer the fullness of ourselves to the world?
  • Why have work and career become such areas of pressure that the struggle to simply maintain oneself increasingly crowds out the time?

These questions need to be addressed fully if there is any hope of stepping off the treadmill we have created."


Welcome to our 30 day project "Creating Work You Love" based on the book by Rick Jarrow. Starting tomorrow,and for the next 30 days we will be exploring his concepts and techniques, working with them to see if his process really does work, finding out if we can indeed create lives and livelihoods that we do indeed love.

So, are you ready? Do you already have some ideas of what it is that you would like to create with regards to work? How do you feel about your current job? How do you feel about your life and the part you play in it?


shirley said...

I'm ready! I do have some ideas and I'm curious to see how they will play out over the next 30 days. My current "day job" leaves me bored and dissatisfied, but it does have certain "perks" and "advantages" which make it almost bearable. As for my life, I do feel that I could be much more engaged in the LIVING of it.

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