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The LIfe Current

Friday, July 25, 2008

Genuine self-acceptance is really life acceptance - accepting the current, finding and tuning into the energy of life itself and all its subsequent potential. The experience of abundance cannot be found at the discursive or even at the emotional level. It must be experienced within the body.

The career starts in the body. Isadora Duncan discovered her vocation by imitating the movements of the ocean waves in front of her mother's home and connecting to the visceral experience of energy. "I realized early in my life," she said, "That there was this kind of energy, some animating spark,"

This spark is what sustains us. To contact the spark of your abundance, you might ask yourself, "What sustains me? What nourishes me?" Then list all the things that come to mind, everything from food to friendship to manifestations of more subtle energies. As you consciously recognize these things and begin to own them, you familiarize yourself with your prime territory, the place where your abundance is found. This is where lies the strengths that you have to share with the world.

~Rick Jarrow


shirley said...

What nourishes me? Being outside, connecting with the earth and the sky, reading, creating stuff - art - paintings - whatever I'm wanting to create, sharing ideas, music, my dog, drinking coffee at the crack of dawn with my sister in her living room, teaching people how to get their dogs to behave, flowers, getting my hands in the dirt - weeding - planting - gardening, exploring in the woods, dangling my bare feet in a river listening to the birds and the frogs and the wind in the trees.

I'm finding it very interesting that blogging is not coming up as "nourishment" for me... it falls into the category of sharing ideas... it falls into the category of creating... but I'm not sure how NOURISHING it actually is... I enjoy it... I have a passion for it...

Hmmm... not that's something to think about for sure! And notice how much of it is OUTSIDE... again, something to think about.

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