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Friday, July 18, 2008

We are here to transform the earth and redeem ourselves through our work. Therefore, our work has a purpose. We are collectively rebuilding the road toward the holy city, the realm of our true nature. If our work does not have this sense of transformation, of working in congruence with an inner ideal, then it will be experienced as a curse. We will shirk difficult conditions and take the path of least resistance because we will not believe in what we are doing, and we will have no larger sense of why we are doing it. On the other hand, if we feel that our task is worthy, the smallest charge can be accomplished with enthusiasm.


A first step in reversing the idea of work as a curse is to move toward caring about one's work as much as about one's life. An office can become a shrine when we passionately care about what we do and respect the people and circumstances we engage.

The serious issue of finding one's vocation will not be solved by aptitude tests that help gear one to become a well-adjusted producer/consumer. What is needed is an anti-career - a throwing off of the shackles of obligation, approval, and mindless activity in order to enter deeply into the dynamics of co-creation. To make your work sacred is to believe in what you do, to do a good job as it's own reward, and to feel proud of your work not by comparing it to the work of others but by feeling good inside, filled with integrity, neither fatigued nor drained of energy. It is work that does not destroy live, that honors pleasure, that promotes full presence and involvement and reflects your deepest sense of being. This is the challenge and the possibility... to create a life work that will reflect your own nature, and to develop the courage and wisdom to bring it into form.

~Rick Jarrow

  • Does the work that you do have a purpose?
  • Does it serve the higher good?
  • Is it in alignment with your own ideals?
  • Are you enthusiastic about any small portion of it?
  • What is the work that you engage in that feeds you?
  • What is the play that brings you joy and fills you with enthusiasm?
  • Something in your life is sacred and good, what is it?


shirley said...

The work that I do as my "job" is not in alignment with my ideals... and on several different levels it is not in integrity... this, I think, is why I am having such trouble being happy with my job. The only portion of it that I am enthusiastic about is my days off... so I think that's a sign of SOMETHING!!

The work that feeds me is my art, my blogs, private dog training lessons, that's the work I love. It brings me joy and fills me with enthusiasm.

There must be a way to make those things financially viable.. I'm just not seeing it at the moment.

Karla said...

Hmm. The work I do is in line with my ideals SOMEWHAT. Working for the attorneys gives me an opportunity to see people come in who need help, frequently they are stressed or worried. Making people feel good about who they are is an ideal of mine, so in a sense, taking care of the clients is my way of following that path. I want them to leave our office with a lighter heart and a goal of resolving their issue.
On the flip side, there is a very conservative and dry feeling to the environment and alot of detail, rules, red-tape, procedure etc. which isn't in line with the free flowing energy I would like to experience. I suppose there need to be people who deal with that part of life too..the organized, focused, detail driven types who not only see to it the rules are followed, but write the damn things. Ooh, do you sense the friction?
The work that feeds me and raised my vibrational energy is palmistry and my channeling work I do for others. Nothing compares to the joy of connecting with another individual and knowing that you are able to provide insight or hope or just a little love. My blood actually sings, truly. I know by that positive feeling that I'm supposed to do this somehow, someway. Sure would be nice if it paid the bills!

Two Feathers said...

Karla, I'm so with you on that one... I think that's the key issue... how do do what really makes your blood sing while at the same time being able to pay the bills.

I'm hoping that by the end of this 30 day project, we'll be closer to understanding how to do that.

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