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Trust: The First Movement into Power

Saturday, July 19, 2008

At its deepest level, an active trust indicates a confidence in the life process, a willingness to let things be as they are. Many of us who have received mixed messages from our parents, from the government, and from advertising campaigns have grown cynical and have consequently closed down our trusting faculties.

We have become intimidated and thus hesitate to articulate the first flash that comes into our minds. We don't allow certain realms of experience, such as dreams, fantasy, or feeling, to nourish us, and playful spontaneity only manifests after we have had a few beers.

sky diver

But we can work to re-awaken these areas. We can begin to restore trust by opening to woundedness, by learning to forgive, by contacting the fundamental and ever-renewing rhythms of the life process. This trust will not succeed if it remains on the conceptual level alone. It must enter into the very core of our behavioral and psychic configurations until we feel the flow of life stirring inside us. Such trust is essential in working with the inner world. Without it we will be tempted to manipulate inner phenomena, to make our visions and dreams appear to be more or less than what they are, and when the real thing comes we will wonder if it is true.

As far as the inner world is concerned, the rule of thumb is to trust whatever comes up - this especially holds true for meditation - and be honest and clear with it... the more you are willing to work with what is, the more the unconscious receives the reinforcement that it is okay to reveal truth and that you are ready to engage core material.

As we work toward authentic career manifestation, we will discover the need to recover trust in ourselves and others.


shirley said...

This one really hits me on the head. Intellectually, I have a fair amount of trust. And I do tend to "articulate that first flash" then the trouble starts.

I have a flash of insight, an inspired idea, and almost immediately I begin looking to those around me for validation. If I get said validation - I'm fine - at least for the moment. If validation is not forthcoming, right away I begin the second guessing and the wiffle-waffling.

Interesting... I wonder if this is my single biggest impediment to creating work I love.. or if there are other even larger ones.

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