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Reporting on Our Results

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Judging by the posted results, this project was a rousing success. It looks like creative visualization does actually work. Here's what some of our participants had to say:

  • Wow, this went by so fast! This was a really great project and creative visualization works in amazing ways.
  • I enjoyed this project and I think it really did work.
  • I do think visualization works. And I would recommend it absolutely.
  • Though I only recently subscribed to this project ... I am aware of using the power of IMAGINATION/VISUALIZATION which results in a powerful activation of the LAW OF ATTRACTION.

Here are the success stories that were shared:

  1. My sister was really angry and tense over her home situation. Her daughter and son-in-law and baby were living with her and everyone was getting on each other's last nerve, I told her to visualize the baby playing in a nice yard, happy. (Actually, it was my guide's suggestion). Within two weeks they found an awesome house for a great price with a lovely yard for the baby to romp in! I really feel that hanging on to their irritation was directing their energy towards STAYING IN THE HOUSE rather than MOVING.
  2. My other sister created a vision board, including a picture of the Island of Malta for creating a vacation there. Voila'! She just met a man whose family is from MALTA. Wow.
  3. For me, I was visualizing my yard quite a bit. Creating in my mind a lush, peaceful sanctuary. So far, my husband and I explored a really cool landscape shop (he normally wouldn't be caught dead having anything to do with the yard), I was inspired to do quite a bit of clean up, fertilized plants and watered more.
  4. I visualized a working washing machine for a coworker, and her washing machine "miraculously" began to function perfectly.
  5. I visualized a washer and dryer for myself, and voila! After I don't know how many months... at least 3... I now have a working washer and dryer. (Which cost me nothing !! and was delivered and installed FREE!)
  6. I visualized a lawnmower and a mowed yard area for myself and now I have the mower - the mowing part is a little slow in coming - but time for the DOING of the mowing has been allotted. So that's on it's way to being done.

Here are the not as successful stories that were shared:

  1. The larger goal of paying debts is still a challenge. I'll be doing great, creating images of sitting at the table and writing check after check to eliminate balances that are due. I feel so relieved and happy and FREE. But then every so often the word BANKRUPTCY pops into my mind and I have to shoo it away really fast.
  2. The bigger things were harder for me. I couldn't come up with anything really CLEAR for anyone including myself. So... consequently the bigger things that I was HAZY about have been hazy in their manifestation.

Words of advice - insights - and other thoughts:

  • I think by visualizing consistantly and being EXCITED about it, improvements towards my goal have occurred.
  • Perhaps when our creative process feels stuck or impossible even, we need to remember to look at the little signs that tell us, "Hey, keep it up..don't stop're on the right path!" Here's a story to illustrate: Last night I was on the deck looking at the sky just past sundown and it came again as an option. Out of nowhere came an absolutely beautiful huge bird (hawk, owl?) that gently soared down and circled me a few times, probably 15-20 ft directly above my head. Ok, ok. I'll stop being negative and won't think of the "B" word (bankruptsy) any more! It sure made my heart peaceful and hopeful to see that bird, I felt comfort and encouragement.
  • What I liked most about this project is that it really got me focused on a daily meditation practice that was interesting and enjoyable.
  • When I begin a project I first of all create the cover, I did this for my new CD project PRESCRIPTION FOR WELLNESS, and also selected Master tapes of Sunday messages I had presented on this topic. I then asked someone I knew, who had a passion for creative audio/visual techniques, how I might go about editing the tapes. RESULT: He met with me AND offered to do the project FREE OF CHARGE! .. it is now in the making. ON REFLECTION: This began with a "Divine Idea." I went into THE SILENCE, just being open and receptive to "whatever;" then I FELT EXCITED about the project and let the UNIVERSE know my needs! Now I live in GRATITUDE for the FLOW OF THE CREATIVE PROCESS!

To those who shared their experiences and their thoughts - A big thank you! If anyone else would like to add their results and experiences (positive or negative), just post it as a comment and I'll add it to this post.


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