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Entering the Labyrinth

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Our present work situation accurately reflects particular aspects of our psyche. If we go out knocking on doors or sending off resumes, we risk repeating the same self-defeating patterns that got us knocking at the wrong doors to begin with.

The solution is in the same family as the problem. We are not obliged then to go outside ourselves to find our "calling"; instead, our authentic work will grow out of the very symptoms that currently block the way. The resources we need are present if we are willing to 'stay at home" and deal with our situations. "The way out is the way in." - the labyrinth must be entered if we want to uncover our passions and convictions.

One way of entering the labyrinth is to pay attention to our feelings and our unwanted symptoms. Symptoms represent the feeling energies that are seeking to communicate themselves to us. They are the messengers of the gods who can lead us into the core of our genuine concerns and hence to our work in the world. why? Because feeling is energy, and symptoms are manifestations of deep feelings. A career can develop from any feeling, joyful or painful, but not through numbness.

If I am aware that I do not like my job, I am still working on the surface.

  • What is it that I do not like?
  • Who is hiding down in my labyrinth?
  • Is it the boredom I despise?
  • Is it the mindless authority and hierarchy of a company?
  • Is it living at breakneck speed when I always wanted to waltz through life?

Being frustrated with work is not unusual, but only when we can recognize the frustrations can we begin to evolve plans of action.

~Rick Jarrow


shirley said...

I'm still mulling this one over. There is a definite repetitive pattern... and I do have a few ideas of what isn't a good fit.

For example: Corporate America - not my cup of tea. I do so much better in little mom and pop businesses where it's like I'm working WITH friends instead of FOR bosses.

I think I might print this out and really spend some time with it.

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