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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Your life is a work of art
A craft to be most carefully mastered
For patience has replaced time
And you are your own destination.


Every age has its tyrants, and in this postmodern era tyranny is expressed through the interlocking webs of institutions that control our lives. The health, insurance, and banking industries, fixated on notions of "security" and "future," lead us to believe that it is impossible to fundamentally transform one's career, to live for something other than a salary. How can life be a "craft to be most carefully mastered" when the institutions around us favor the quick-fix and mass produced copy?

If patience replaces time, we may be able to reconnect with the natural rhythms of our nature. Instead of looking for a new job "out there," we can turn to the real source - ourselves - and allow our authenticity to recreate our lifestyles and our work, for the two go hand in hand.

To have patience may be the singular act of courage in today's world. Such patience appears when it is understood that "you are your own destination," that there is nothing and no one better to be than yourself. This is a genuine affirmation of the value of your own essence, a leap beyond the endless regression of doubt, and it will enable you to develop work situations that nourish your soul. The art of work thus emerges as a path. It takes courage to enter upon it, and commitment to stay on it, but as your determination to "work true" fosters inner growth, it becomes a "way."


  • So... what do you think?
  • are you looking for a quick fix?
  • or are you committed to making real change happen?
  • are you connected with the natural rhythms of your own nature?
  • do you even know what those rhythms are?
  • are you a square peg in a round hole?
  • maybe you're a round peg in a square hole?
  • do you have patience?
  • do you doubt your inner voice?
  • does your current work situation nourish your soul in any way?
  • if so how?
  • if not, why not?


Karla said...

This is going to be a good project..great idea. I find myself on auto pilot going to work every day, although I'm very grateful to have a good job and work for a kind and generous boss. It's a dilemna when one must pay the bills. I noticed laely that I'm always LATE to work and I'm a very timely person usually. Hmmmm..what could THAT be saying, "Don't make me go! Please, oh please let's go to the beach instead!"
I'm looking forward to this month because I want to be inspired to enjoy the job I have, and also want to find the inspiration and commitment to WRITE. I have created a room to write in. I have at least 10 huge notebooks of writing to piece together. I love to write. What's going on?? Time?? Fear of failure or seeing the priject through??
What about you guys? Is there anyone out there looking to completely CHANGE careers?

shirley said...

My job is like a shoe with a rock in it. On the one hand, it's more comfortable than going barefoot would be, on the other hand, there's that pesky rock.

I am not inspired by it, but I only work 3 days a week. This means I have 4 days off every single week. There's a lot to be said for that. ALOT!!! I also do a fair amount of slacking on the job... and so far have been "getting away" with it. When I do work, I'm really good at it, but ... like I said... it's boring and I am not in integrity when I'm "on the clock".

When I am on the job and slacking, it's bearable. If I had to actually WORK the whole day ... I wouldn't be able to stand it...

What I'd like to do is a combination of successful (meaning making money with adsense and affiliates) blogging, creating and selling art, animal communication, shamanic healing, Reiki and Reiki classes, dog training, and whatever else strikes me as fun and interesting.

That's what I hope this project will show me the way into... work I love so much that I would do it just for the pure joy of it... and the courage and confidence to actually begin to DO some of those things in a more consistent financially viable way.

Sandra Rae Hymel said...

The question that CAUGHT my attention was "Are you looking for a QUICK FIX?" ... I have found over these years that there is DEFINITELY a Divine Timing ... "quick fixes" never work! I have found also that what enriches my life is that which I take time to SAVOR ... BE STILL ... ENJOY THE PROCESS as I GROW through my life's journey, rather than just GO through it! ... THANKS, TWO FEATHER!
Sandar Rae

Joanie's Retro Look said...

I stumbled across this blog "accidently" (I do not believe in accidents fortunately!) and immediately felt like I belong here. I read and review tons of info/blogs on my daily search for tools to help guide me in living my life more authentically but rarely - almost NEVER - do I post a comment... its just not something I feel comfortable doing - but I felt compelled to do so here. I love the "project concept" as I feel that by following a time-guided, daily process one can achieve success at improving or changing one's life for the better. And, I love the smorgasborg of projects on this blog to choose from!! Creating work that I love is something that has been high on my radar since I, essentially, dropped off the corporate radar in 2009, following a life altering auto accident, which preceeded what I know now to be the Universe's gentle way of guiding me out of my previous zombie-like, joyless, root-less, uncreative existence, back to my authentic self and back to Source. Needless to say, bills must still be paid but I'm no longer willing to compromise myself or my happiness in order to try and "keep up with the Jones'!" I've decided to let the Jones' worry about themselves and I'm gonna pursue serving others, living my Truth and being Happy! So, I'm glad to be here and I look forward to many successful projects and making connections with others on the Journey. Love & Light... Scarlett

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