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A Daily Pattern of Trust

Sunday, July 27, 2008

By establishing a daily pattern of trust, we are, in fact, reparenting ourselves and learning to receive the support of the Earth Mother, not as a metaphysical idea but by coming into touch with the actual current of life.

When we connect with this current, feeling it supporting and nurturing us, we can allow ourselves more space - space to experiment, to make mistakes, to learn, and to accept our present situation, being fully responsive to it. We need no longer paralyze ourselves with explanations. At the very foundation of being we begin to operate from a kinesthetic mode - touching, feeling, plugging in, and allowing ourselves to be carried by life.


As soon as this current is met the various scarcity issues such as unpaid bills, shortage of time, fatigue, and so forth can be brought into a new focus. We are not attacking these issues, but are placing them within a wider perspective - this is crucial to understand. The authentic career must proceed from this wider perspective, from the place of our fullness.

At this point you may want to stop and identify your "power shortages." Notice where there is frustration and resistance in y our daily life. Do you feel frustration around time constraints? money? relationships?

Know that these are never the underlying issues; these are the symptoms. Instead of bending ourselves out of shape to fit into the world, the anti-career path uses the strategy of recognizing that the basis of our work is to accept, receive, and expand into our maximum energy, which is our birthright.

By connecting on a kinesthetic level with the life current, it becomes more difficult to do things that block the natural expression of our energetic capabilities. We begin to look for creative involvement with the life force. This involvement will affect our physical posture, food choices, time scheduling, and language. This relationship deeply affects our life rhythm. And the great joy is that, as we move into our full, unqualified life rhythm, nature itself begins to support us, financially as well as emotionally.

Where we once thought there was no time we now find there is more time. Where we once thought there was no one, we now find people are with us - all because we have accepted our abundance, our trust in the life we have been given.

Success may not come at once because we are habituated to living in a contracted state. But we must begin somewhere expanding into the enegy of life. Start with an hour. Move to a day. Go for a lifetime.

~Rick Jarrow


shirley said...

And this is where I am right now. Trying hard to estabish this. And it's so hard. I wish I could just DOWNLOAD it and INSTALL it... and have it be done!!

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