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Owning Feeling

Thursday, July 31, 2008

When we allow genuine feelings to operate within and through us, we become capable of doing what we want to do. All genuine feeling fuels our fire. The power to create an authentic career grows out of feeling unencumbered by shame or rationalization.

The word passion originally referred to pain, but it is a pain that serves the organism. The word joy is part of the word enjoy. We have a need and a creative drive to enjoy life. The fact that most people do not enjoy their work tells of a painful imbalance in our allocation of time and energy. This pain, if owned, will begin to align feeling with power and create the space for joy to enter.

Move into your feelings and put them into focus by investigating what is most important to you, where you want to spend your time and energy, and what skills you have developed that fit your concern. Wherever your passion is, that is where your life will naturally gravitate, regardless of whether you are consciously focused on it or not.

~Rick Jarrow

You can ask and answer the following questions:

  • What is my passion?
  • What are my base convictions?
  • What do I care about more than anything else?


shirley said...

Ok... so... what is my passion? I'd say right now it's blogging, art, and my spiritual journey.

What are my base convictions? I have no idea.. I'll have to think about this for a while.

What do I care about more than anything else? My dog.

Interesting... looks like it would be stupid of me to try to pursue a career in anything that doesn't include blogging, art, and spirituality... or that precludes me being able to spend quality time and have the resources to take care of my dog.

Looks like being an astronat is now out of the question! LOL.

Daniel said...

Okay so after talking about some of this stuff on Monday I watched the movie 'Auntie Mame' on TV and I thought really thats how I want to live. To really live like life is a banquet. So I have been pondering how to incorporate how she lives in the movie with the reality of my life. Because in the movie, for at least most of it, she is rich and I am not. And she has no real job though she does write a book.

shirley said...

Auntie Mame... You know I've never seen that movie - ever.

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