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I love my life.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Picture the sky, trees, buildings, activities in your life - the interesting and varied people you will meet. Visualize a brilliant light coming from your solar plexus area and emanating throughout the whole scene radiating the entire image with light. Imagine yourself moving from one activity to the next, feeling energetic, alive, full of light and smiling. Your wallet is stuffed with $100 bills, your home is filled with every beautiful thing you want, maybe there is even a garden overflowing with flowers, fruits, and vegetables ready to be picked. Picture yourself hugging the loving people around you, welcoming them with open arms.


~Laurel Jan Fuller - Shaping Your Life


shirley said...

I DO love my life!!

How cool is that? I read this the moring that it was posted, and while parts of it are not in the "reality" stage, the truth is that I really do love my life.

I haven't felt this way in years!! Wow!!

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