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The Power of Action

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

No matter what our experiences are in the inner world, if we are not able to cross over into action, they will remain just that - inner experiences. Action completes the circuit. To truly live is to ground our intuitions and establish circuits of mutual interaction between our outer and inner worlds. There are thousands of armchair metaphysicians out there, but they remain in their armchairs because they have not embodied their teachings.


The only teaching that has any effect, and hence, the only one that can generate a career, is the one that has become embodied. The Jungian analyst and writer Robert Johnson speaks of this principle in dream work when he states that whenever he has a significant dream and has gone through the process of understanding its meaning, he will enact something in the physical world to commemorate that dream. This is an example of the grounding that is necessary to manifest inner vision.

In order to move from dream to reality, you have to put the dream to the test, and the only way that happens is by risking it in the crucible of action. It is through trial and error that information feeds back into the dream process and the inner world and the outer world begin to work together.

~Rick Jarrow


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