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About Our Next Project

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Last month we took a poll to determine what our next project would be. Creative Visualization and Creating Work You Love came up as a tie for first place. I talked it over with Daniel, and we decided that it made sense to do Creative Visualization techniques first followed by Creating Work You Love.

So, beginning Sunday June 8, we will be learning and practicing techniques to enhance our visualization skills, and committing a small portion of every day visualizing for ourselves and others.


In preparation for the project, let's begin right now to think about what we'd like to visualize for ourselves, and what we'd also like to see happen for people we know and love. I think it might be helpful comment about some of what's on that list, partly so that we can take a look back at the end of this project and see how far we've come, and partly so that (if we choose to), we can visualize for each other.

If you're new to the project, and unsure about how to comment, see our tutorial for the technically challenged. If you still have questions, let me know, and I'll do my best to help out.


Anonymous said...

Here's my abbreviated list:

1. a washer and dryer that actually work, that are actually IN my house, and that are actually hooked up and useable
2. enough money to get my car serviced and maintenanced.
3. a job that I love which more than provides for my financial needs.
4. order and healing for my youngest daughter.
5. safety and happiness for my granddaughter Sydney.
6. a lawnmower that works
7. a publisher for one or many of my sister's books
8. healing for Gary
8a. also for happiness and peace of mind
9. that Daniel wins the lottery
9a. and also success in all of his spiritual and magical endeavors
10. success for Michelle in her bird business.
10a. healing for Michelle, and also happiness
11. my debts are paid in full
12. continued good health for my dog Cinnamin
13. A vardo van and the time and the resources to travel in it.
14. for my Cafe Press store to at least pay for itself... it wouldn't take much... just $7 a month in commissions.
15. a monthly check from Google in the amount of oh, I don't know... how about $1700, that would be cool... I'd be happy with $100 though.. at least for starters.

This list could go on and on. What do you guys want?

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