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A Diorama

Sunday, June 29, 2008

We have now come to the point of visualizing the big things we want to create in our lives. I thought it might be fun and interesting to create a diorama to really give some added depth and dimension to our visualizations.

What is a diorama? A diorama is a little world that can be viewed as a story. Dioramas are used to show things in relationship to each other, which makes them a creative tool. This can be a powerful way to create a desired outcome. Putting the images into a diorama makes it easy and fun to be reminded of what you are working to create in your life.

Things You’ll Need:

  • A shoe box
  • Magazines
  • Glue and gluestick
  • Scissors
  • Imagination
  • Dollhouse-size objects (optional)

Step 1: Use a small box so the diorama does not become overwhelming. It might work better to find a few small, powerful images than to fill a large diorama box with too many symbols. A small shoe box is just about right. The diorama is like a stage. The box is on its side, like a room with one wall removed, or like a dollhouse, where it is easy to look inside.

Step 2: Spend some time going through magazines to find all the right images to use in the diorama. Some of the most effective scenes include people and items from daily life, like chairs and tables. Making a scene that is somewhat like a familiar room can help bring the visualization into focus. For example, if you are wanting to make new friends, then look through the magazines for images of people. Think about mixing and matching the faces, clothing, and other parts to come up with fantastic friends.

Step 3: Use things around the house for armatures to put the magazine pieces on. A table can be made from a box that a deck of cards came in, with cardboard legs, for example. To make it a feast for the eyes, cut a square of paper with a gorgeous pattern on it, and place it on the table with the corners hanging off the sides of the table like a tablecloth. The magazine people can be fortified with cardboard, using a square of cardboard taped to the bottom so they will stand if wanted.

Step 4: Add lots of detail such as wall coverings and windows if the scene is indoors. Or, if the visualization is outside, find the appropriate outdoor scene in the magazines and piece it together on the inside of the box. Include animals, magic items, musical instruments, anything that can contribute to the visualization.

Step 5: A light can be used to make the diorama come alive. A string of holiday lights can be used simply by placing the string along the front of the diorama. Or, a window can be created in the back of the scene so a small flashlight can shine into the diorama. Creative lighting can make a big difference in the overall enjoyment of the finished piece. Make sure all the pieces are secured, unless you want to be able to move them around.

Invite family members to make dioramas as well, this can be a really fun project for a lazy Sunday afternoon. Need some inspiration? Here's an example:

Peeps Easter Dinner


Karla said...

This is WAY off topic, but have you ever seen wht happens to Peeps in the microwave after about 10-20 seconds? I think I must be warped because Thats all I could think aout when seeing this beautiful diorama! I actually give Peeps to friends at Easter just so they can experience the fun!

Two Feathers said...

Peeps in the microwave? Sounds like fun! I've never tried it. I bet there's a YouTube video... I'm going to go look for one.

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