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Our first exercise:

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Take a look at your computer screen, your keyboard, your desk. Notice what your chair feels like, are there any smells in the room? Tap your fingers lightly on your key board... how does that sound?

Now close your eyes. Think about your desk, your keyboard, your computer screen. Can you remember what they look like? Do you remember what it sounded like when you tapped your fingers on the key board?

Not sure? Open your eyes and look again. Try to engage all your senses. What color is your desk, is the top of it smooth? or textured? What color is the floor? Is it carpeted? tiled? hardwood? When someone walks across it, does it squeak? or not? Is there a window in the room? does it have curtains? blinds? What's on the wall? Pictures? of what? Is the seat of your chair hard or soft? What does the room smell like?

Ok, now, close your eyes again. Mentally remind yourself of what the room looks like. Think about the colors, the sounds, the textures, Do you find that you are describing it to yourself in words? or images? Do the words you use bring up images in your mind? If so, are those images vivid and clear? Fuzzy and vague? Do you see the room in color? or is it shades of gray?

If you find that you can bring up a vivid full color image of the room and the desk, wonderful. If you find that the images that come are vague and blurry, or that there are no images at all... just words... wonderful. If you find that words come first and then images... that's wonderful too. EVERY way is fine and good. There is no "right" answer. This exercise is just a way to explore how it is that you see things in your mind's eye. As this project progresses, I'm expecting that we will all feel much more comfortable and confident of our abilities in this area.

OK now, let's take this exercise one step further. Again, take a good look around you, look at your desk, the computer, everything. Engage your senses. Now close your eyes. Imagine that you are writing an email to a friend of yours about this particular project. You are telling them about the things that you visualized and how they came true. Try to incorporate the sounds, the textures, the feel of your fingers on the keyboard, all the little details.

If you want to, after you've opened your eyes, you can write that email and save it as a draft to send when our 30 days is up.


the gay bookworm said...

Okay I knew what my room etcc looks like, but I am not sure I could honestly say "I saw it" I could feel the keys of the computer and hear the noise but again not sure I would say I saw it. But I know this is going to be fun and mind expanding.

Anonymous said...

So are imagining and visualization the same thing? I closed my eyes and imagined everything just as I saw it. Especially the energy around the animals. It was like I could see the room, the computer, the mess all over my desk but the picture of the animals was quickly replaced by more of a sillouette. I found that a little odd but perhaps we'll learn more as the project unfolds.
It's amazing what you hear when closing your eyes. Humming of hard drive, ticking of a little clock I forgot was on the desk, snoring beagles, cat collar bells, lab toenails on the hardwood flooring. Nice to slow down enough to realy listen, even though that wasn't exactly the exercise.

Shirley Twofeathers said...

So, when I closed my eyes, I had a really hard time remembering what I had just looked at. And yet, when I thought about YESTERDAY or LAST WEEK, the image of my computer and work space came in glimpses that were crisp and clear, for example: the sun shining on a strand of dog hair in my keyboard, seeing dark clouds looming on the horizon when I looked out the window...

And yet, the right here and right now stuff was furry and dark, I could barely remember any of it, much less "see" or "imagine" it.


And yes, Karla, imagining and visualising are the same thing. The difference being your intention.

And Daniel, the purpose of this exercise was to get a good feel for how your mind "sees" things. Sounds to me like you are more auditory and tactile (as compared to visual) when you store memories... this is good to know. Now, when you are envisioning for yourself and others, if you add in those auditory and tactile elements, it will have more "punch".

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