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Visualizing The Prosperity Project

Friday, June 06, 2008

While we are waiting for our next project to begin, I thought I'd share something fun.

One of the very cool things about computers is the ease with which you can create visualizations of data: false-color images showing weather, for instance. Visualizing how your website is structured can help improve its design — and there’s a cool free online tool to do just that. Here is the visualization for The Prosperity Project:

The Prosperity Project

What do the colors mean?

  • blue: for links
  • red: for tables
  • green: for divisions
  • violet: for images
  • yellow: for forms
  • orange: for linebreaks and blockquotes
  • black: html
  • gray: everything else

If you have a website or blog that you'd like to see "visualized", here's the link for the Websites As Graphs website.


Anonymous said...

It looks a lot like dandelions, doesn't it?

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