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Focused Visual Meditations

Thursday, June 19, 2008

For the best effect, do each one, with the same subject, for at least a week at a time.

  1. Do visual focused meditation with something fairly small that you consider beautiful like a piece of art, some jewelry, a flower, or a crystal. Just look at it, but look at it in detail. Maintain your awareness of what is beautiful about it and be open to new discoveries. Move it, if you wish, to loook at different parts of it, but don't hold it. Every once in a while, close your eyes and see the same object in your mind, in as much detail as possible. You are doing this to train your mind to focus at will, to increase your awareness of beauty, and to increase the beauty and harmony in you.

  2. Do a focused visual meditation with something you don't consider beautiful, only look for beauty. You might use something very ordinary like a kitchen utensil, a piece of chinaware, a tool, or be really daring and try cigarette butts or litter. It's a powerful "nalu," so don't discard it easily.

  3. In a very familiar environment, do a focused visual meditation on one part of that environment, say a corner, a wall, or a piece of furniture. Open your awareness to something about it that you've never noticed before, no matter how seemingly insignificant. If you think there is nothing new there for you to be aware of, you can really use this "nalu." The assumption of sameness severely limits our growth in may ways. The world dream is re-created every day, and it is never the same. This is a good "nalu" for learning how to connect deeply with something familiar in order to establish intuitive communication.



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