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Strengthening the power of your thoughts

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Practicing concentration exercises is an excellent way to strengthen your awareness of the power of thought. When you are a quick thinker, and you easily jump from one idea to another, it is common to have little awareness of your own thoughts. But the person who can concentrate intently and deeply on the object of his desire, who can form an image with detailed clarity and hold it attentively in his mind for a long as he desires will experience the results of this thinking in physical manifestation.

victoria christian

Practice daily concentrating on an object of your choice. You can start with something as simple as the tip of your finger. Set a timer for ten minutes, hold your right hand in front of you with your index finger extended, and gaze intently at the tip of your finger. Think only of your fingertip. When you are distracted by a vagrant thought, gently bring your attention back to the tip of your finger. Practice this for the duration of the ten minutes. You will find that daily excersize will strengthen your ability to hold your mind still and you will be able to concentrate for longer and longer periods of time.

The creative power of the mind starts with learing how to discipline the conscious mind. With our conscious mind we create or imagine what we want. The desire-seeds that are created in the concious mind are planted in the fertile soil of the subconsciousmind, which reproduces exactly what you have imagined. To have what you want in your life, therefore, means learning how to form the ideal in your mind with clarity and detail. With disciplined concentration, undivided attention, and a developed will to hold your attention still, you will be able to fashion thought-form images. You are then on your way to creating anything you desire.

~Laurel Jan Fuller - Shaping Your Life


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