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Exploring the power of thought

Monday, June 09, 2008

If the world is what you think it is, then you ought to be able to change your world by changing your thought.

Sit up comfortably with your eyes open and turn your head as far as you can to the left and look straight ahead. Find something in your line of sight that you can remember as a marker and bring your head forward again. Now close your eyes, keep your head still, and imagine that you are slowly turning your head to the left very easily and loosely, without any strain, way past the marker until you are looking directly behind you without any problem at all.

Imagine the sensation and the feeling as well as the sight. Then imagine bringing your head slowly back to the front. now open your eyes and turn your head physically to the left. To the degree you were able to imagine the feeling in your mind you will now find that your head moves easily farther than it did before and your line of sight is well past the marker.

What you just did was change your body by changing your mind. You imagined being able to do something different, and your body responded to your thought by changing what was possible only moments before. It's a simple demonstration full of powerful implications.

imagination is more important than talent

Imagination is more important than talent.
~Albert Einstein


the gay bookworm said...

Hey it really worked. THe first time I could see the edge of the curtain and the second time I could see the candle burning behind me on my little altar. WHat about the rest of you? Did it work? Did you feel yourself smile like I did that you were really able to do it. Seriously needed this little boost before going to work today. THanks again Two Feathers for having no life so that we can enrich ours.LOL

Anonymous said...

It worked great for me too. And the more times I did it, the better it worked.

I'm wondering if having limiting thoughts about anyone or anything ould have an effect as well - limiting thoughts might also limit me physically. I'll have to try it.

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