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Auditory Meditations

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The chanting of a word or phrase is a very old method for achieving focus, and if you imbue a word or phrase with magic, if you empower it with belief and expectation, then it will do magic for you.

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  • Do an auditory meditation with a word or phrase that represents a quality, characteristic, talent, or skill that you want to increase or develop in yourself. A four-beat chant will impress your subconscious mind the most. You can phrase it like an affirmation ("I-am-confi-dent") or just use a single word ("confi-dent, confi-dent") or mix them. A word or phrase that gives your mind body a clear behavior pattern response to follow is better than one which is abstract, vague, or implies a fixed condition. "I am feeling good" is better than "I am healthy," and "I am an achiever" is better than "I am successful." This meditationgives you all the benefits of focused attention plus those of training your mind.

  • Do auditory meditation with music in a special way. Put on the music of your choice and begin by focusing on the sound alone. Then shift your attention to the center of your head and hear the music there (energy flows where attention goes). Move your attention to your chest and hear the music there. Then to your navel, and then to your pelvis. Include your hands and your feet, if you wish, and finally your whole body. Keep your attention at each location for as long as you like, and be aware of the sensations of your body. As you focus on each area the energy of the music seems to intensify at that point. This is good for locating areas of hidden tension and releasing them, and for energizing any part of yourself in any way you choose.

  • Do auditory meditation with the sounds around you. The wind makes a very good focus, as does the sound of water in its many aspects (rain, surf, falls, streams, etc). but so do all the ordinary and extraordinary sounds of the country or city. As you do this meditation, let each sound exist as a pure sound, without judging its nature or origin. This simple exercise can take you into a very deep, refreshing state.

  • Do auditory meditation with your own humming. Besides creating your own auditory focus, you will find that humming actually amplifies and intensifies your personal energy field. This is easily demonstrated by humming as you slowly bring your palms together. You can experiment with different tones as you put your attention on different parts of your body to find out which ones stimulate and which ones relax. And you can discover humming tones which will help you resonate with Nature and with people.
~Serge Kahili King


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