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Well, how's it going?

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Let's take a breather and make some time to talk about the last two weeks, OK?

How have we done so far? Have we been successful in the smaller things we've visualized for ourselves and others? Do we feel like we "know" what we are doing? Are there questions still unanswered? Visualizations still unmanifested?

This next week, we'll be visualizing "big" things for our friends and family. Do you have some ideas already? Is it easier, or harder to feel confident in visualizing the "larger" things we'd like to see unfolding?

Do you feel more comfortable visualizing for others? or does it feel better to visualize for yourself? Why do you suppose that is?

I still have quite a lot of ideas, activities, and information upcoming for this project. I'm hoping I haven't inundated everyone with too much of a good thing! My idea was to put up something informational as well as an easy exercise every day, with occasional meditations thrown into the mix.

One other thing I'm currently working on is making audio recordings of the guided meditations and making them available for download. When I get that accomplished, I'll let you know. Is there anything else that you'd like to see, or learn about in the next 2 weeks?


Anonymous said...

I'm absolutely loving this month's exercises and unfortunately I have been without ANY free time. I'm using that as something to visualize! I'm picturing myself rearranging the empty bedroom upstairs and perhaps hanging some artwork on the walls (incorprating lavender) and bringing in lots of candles and smelly things. A comfy chair and a CD player to use for guided meditiations. A special jewelry tree, perhaps silver, to hang all my pendulums on. Over on the bookshelf is my complete collection of palmistry and channelling books...ooh I see a couple I'd like to re-read sometime! A stack of empty notebooks to write in and look! There I am! Settled in the chair in some jammies and slippers! Hi me! Nice hair! Did you even comb it this morning? I have a great pen that writes easily and one of my favorite pendulums! Oh wow! I know what I'm doing! I'm writing a book with my guide. Finally! He told me we would and kept saying "The book is there, just write it!" How happy I am I have free time to enjoy this peaceful and creative space. And it's all for me! My sanctuary!

When I am in that place with the free time to practice some of these exercises, I shall re-visit this month's topic! Thank you Shirley!

Karla said... didn't leave my name. That rambling post was from me.

Cindy H said...

I love this month's project! I'm looking forward to accessing the audio meditations, that will be great!

I do think it's more difficult to visualize the larger things for myself but I'm sure willing to try! It's hard for me to get the "there is no way I could ever have the money for that" tape out of my head! But I will try to turn that tape off and destroy it and just do the visualizations without having to worry about the "how in the hell could this possibly ever manifest itself?" part.

Thanks, Shirley. All of your projects are great and I feel so prosperous and thankful for my life right now!!!

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