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Going with the flow.

Monday, June 16, 2008

It is often very helpful to use creative visualization in picturing yourself as a more relaxed, open person, flowing, living in the here and now, and always connected with your inner essence.

"Life is a river" is a metaphor that can be used as a meditation. This type of visualization can be used to show us in how we can accept our lives here and now, flowing with what is, and at the same time guiding ourselves consciously toward our goals by taking responsibility for creating our own lives.

Let us imagine life is a river. Are you clinging to the bank, afraid to let go and risk being carried along by the current of the river? At a certain point, you must be willing to simply let go, and trust the river to carry you along safely. This is how, you begin to learn how "go with the flow" and once you get the hang of it, it feels wonderful.

Now that you have become accustomed to being in the flow of the river, you can begin to look ahead and guide your own course onward, deciding where the course looks best, steering they way around boulders and snags, and choosing which of the many channels and branches of the river you prefer to follow, all the while still "going with the flow."

So, how was that?
Did you learn or see anything unexpected or interesting?
Did it look anything like this?



shirley said...

Actually my river was turbid and turbulent, more like a flash flood than a river... and I had a heck of a time keeping my head above water and not drowning... by grabbing on to a piece of flotsom, I was able to gain a meager amount of control over how often I was sucked under and almost drowned...

Clearly, this needs to be explored more often!

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