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Pain or Pleasure?

Thursday, June 12, 2008

dreamThe primary function of the mind is memory, and it's primary motivation is pleasure. To put it more accurately, the mind's motivation is toward pleasure and away from pain. All of your habitual (memory based mental, emotional, or physical) behavior has this motivation. This is why you like to do certain things and why you don't like others, why some things are easier to do than others, and why you procrastinate even when there is something important to do. The mind-body quite automatically moves toward what is pleasurable and does its best to avoid what is painful.

If you create a "future" memory - in other words, if you imagine what will happen if you do a certain thing - your behavior will be strongly influenced by whether the memory carries the expectation of pain or pleasure.

For example: If you have created the expectation and/or memory that human encounters may result in painful rejection, you will find it hard to meet or be with people, to make phone calls (especially sales calls), and possibly even to write letters. On the other hand, if the thought of such encounters evokes an expectation/memory of pleasurable contact, then such things will be easy and enjoyable for you. And if, as is very common, you hold expectations and memories of both types of encounter, then the ease or difficulty of these activities will vary according to your present level of self-confidence and self-esteem (also called your "mood").


dawnofarabia said...

I've been trying to get pregnant for the past 8 years. After reading today's entry... I realized that my fear of giving birth- however much I may want a child- could be hindering the outcome of our efforts. I am going to try to visualize every morning... a beautiful birth, circled in light, sweetly painful, full of joy and gratitude and love. My future memory is going to be so amazing, my body will sing towards it with soaring urgency!

Shirley Twofeathers said...

This one has been really informative for me as well. I was thinking this morning about how I really wish I had a lawnmower... and then I realized that all my memories of lawnmowers involve sweating... being hot and irritated... a memorable time when a grasshopper went up my pantleg... huffing and puffing... and pretty much general misery... no wonder I can't seem to come up with one!!

My new visualization goes something like this: I'm sitting comfortably in a lawn chair, in the shade, holding a margarita, watching a nice looking man (with his shirt off) mowing my grass for me, and looking forward to later when we get in the hot tub naked!!

How's that for a turn around???

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