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Visualization for Self-Esteem

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Here is a meditation you can do to improve your self esteem and increase your capacity to handle the love and energy that the universe is ready and eager to send in your direction:


Imagine yourself in some everyday situation, and picture someone (maybe someone you know, or a stranger) looking at you with great love and admiration and telling you something they really like about you.

Now picture a few more people coming up and agreeing that you are a very wonderful person. (If this embarrasses you, stick with it.) Imagine more and more people arriving and gazing at you with tremendous love and respect in their eyes. Picture yourself in a parade or on a stage, with throngs of cheering, applauding people, all loving and appreciating you. Hear their applause ringing in your ears. Stand up and take a bow, and thank them for their support and appreciation.


shirley said...

This one was fairly easy for me. I did enjoy complementing the things around me, and made a particular effort to appreciate my car because it has been so wonderfully reliable.

shirley said...

Actually, the above comment was meant for the other exercise (Exploring the Power of Love), the one where we tell ourselves how great we are.

This one... where other people gaze at us with admiration was intensely disturbing and embarassing for me. I found myself unable to carry it through to a successful conclusion.

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