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The Gift

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Here's a quickie visualization for today:

See yourself walking up to someone, it can be someone you know, or it can be a stranger. In your hands you are holding a wrapped gift, something special just for them. Imagine that feeling of anticipation as they unwrap the gift. Really engage all of your senses and your emotions.

What colors are the wrapping paper and the ribbon? Is it a sunny day? Are you indoors or outside? What sounds do you hear in the background? Are there smells? Textures? Really fill the image up with details.... Allow yourself to feel the anticipation and the surge of pleasure that gift giving always brings.

Now, wasn't that fun?

What was in the gift? Who did you give it to? How did they respond? Did anything about this visualization surprise you?


the gay bookworm said...

I am going to have to try again later since the only thing on my mind is why won't my desk top computer work!!!! It sounds like a great exercise though.

Anonymous said...

So this is what I saw...

It was a crips fall day, my shoes crunched the leaves on the sidewalk as I walked toward... Oh my.. it's Daniel! ... he was wearing an argyle sweater (??) ... how interesting ... anyway ... I handed him a small box with a bow on top. He said, "What's this?" and I said... "you'll see" ... so he opened it up and there was a shining gold key... he said "the key to my house?" and I said "yes - it's yours" and he said how the heck did you do that??? and I just smiled as the visual image faded...


Anonymous said...

Oh... and the surprise? I hadn't intended to meet him at all.. when I started the visualisation I had my daughter in mind... and then when he opened the box, that key was the last thing I expectd to see. So... it was very surprising...

Also it surprises me that it was a crips day.. actually I was thinking it would have been more appropriately CRISP... go figure... LOL.

Anonymous said...

I imagined giving a package to my sister-in-law. Wrapped in purple tissue. The gift was a book I knew she would love. But it wasn't the wrapping or the gift or the surroundings (although we were at her house, out front between the house and garden gate) it was her expression and joy that I felt. I'm sure that's why she came to mind immediately when I started thinking about giving a gift. She has a way of making people feel honored and she is very enthusiastic and appreciative. It turned out to be the FEELING that was important in this exercise for me. It made me think about my reaction to receiving gifts..I hope I honor them with that much gratitude.

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